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Year 6 - Hawk

All home learning for Year 6 can be accessed through the Year 6 team on Microsoft Teams. 

If you have any problems or questions about this, please email me using

Y6 in Lockdown

Other activities to help with your learning or give you a break

These are things that we have found that might help you with your learning, or might help give you a break when you need one.  We will add more things as we find them.


TV to help your learning:

CBBC have 3 hours of programmes aimed at primary school children every morning.  This is not to replace your home learning from school, but could be really helpful if you need a break, if there is a problem with Teams or if your internet is causing problems.  These can all be watched on the CBBC channel and will also be available on iPlayer for catch up.  Here is this week's schedule:  A great place to go if you want to learn more about what is going on in the news and around the world.


Reading activities:

  • Virtual School Library -  Every week a popular children's author or illustrator will provide you with free books, exclusive videos and their top three recommended reads.
  • Extracts of books read by their authors -  If you are not sure what to read next, this may really help.  Use the QR codes to find free extracts of some amazing books read by the authors themselves.  
  • Elle McNicoll is running creative writing workshops:   These will run on MONDAYS & FRIDAYS from Friday January 8th to Monday March 1st.  It is completely free and is designed for children your age.  For those of you who like writing, and loved A Kind Of Spark, this could be amazing!
  • Piers Torday is reading his book 'The Dark Wild' -   Here is a bit about the book:

A thrilling animal adventure for fans of Roald Dahl, David Walliams and Katherine Rundell
Twelve-year-old Kester thought he had discovered the last wild animals in the land. He thought his adventure was over. He was wrong.
Below the sparkling city of Premium, deep underground, a dark wild remains: animals who believe the time is right to rise up against their human enemies.  And soon Kester realises: he is the only one who can stop them.
Kester Jaynes saved the animals. Can he save the humans too?

  • Cressida Cowell -  Cressida Cowell’s YouTube page is amazing.  You can find lots on here, including videos of her reading the whole of ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ as well as the ‘Wizards of Once.’
  • Vashti Hardy -  Vashti Hardy, the author of Brightstorm, Darkwhispers and other amazing books, has some activities online which you can access.  She even describes what she thinks Arthur and Maudie would do if they were learning at home.


Fun Science:

  • Dr Chris & Dr Xand (from Operation Ouch) are doing daily live videos which can be watch on YouTube afterwards at  The first two videos are called 'Lungs Live' and 'Digestion (Poo) Live' !
  • Let's Go Live with Maddie & Greg is a live family Science show on YouTube focussing on science, engineering and fun.  It is currently on three times a week, but all videos can be accessed on their YouTube channel -  These look lots of fun and everything can be done at home.

Welcome to Hawk Class!

Welcome to Hawk's class page.  This will be somewhere for us to share useful information and important updates, as well as celebrating many of the things that we will do throughout the year.  As a general rule, if you need it, it will be on here.  Having said that, if there is anything else that you would like to see on here, please let me know.

Mrs Dimbleby smiley


Please remember your e-safety rules before clicking on any of the internet links on this page. For more information on how to stay safe, visit the e-safety page.


Useful Class Information

Class Teacher: Mrs Dimbleby

Other adults working with Hawk Class: Miss Flynn & Miss Kidby


Contacting me

If you need to contact me, you can email me using



Hawk's class page includes useful information and updates for you and for the children.  This is updated regularly.  You can find this by visiting and by clicking on ‘Children’ – ‘Class Pages’ – 'Hawk.'


School Uniform

We expect the children to be in full school uniform (when not wearing their PE kit.)  Please ensure that they have their ties with them and are also wearing plain black school shoes or plain black trainers.


PE - Monday & Thursday

Children should come to school in their school PE kits on these days. They need to be warm enough for outdoor PE so are welcome to wear extra layers such as tracksuit bottoms, leggings, or jogging bottoms and hoodies or zip-up tops.



English and Maths homework will be given out weekly on a Friday.  We will discuss homework activities with the children and will also put details of these on the class pages.


Mobile Phones

If your child walks to or from school on their own and you would like them to have their mobile phone with them, that is fine.  However, it must be turned off when on the school site and kept in your child’s locker.  The mobile phone remains the responsibility of your child at all times.


What we are learning this term

We have created an overview to show you the main areas of learning we will focus on during the Autumn Term.  Please see the document below.

Joke of the Week


  Why is it always cold at Christmas?

Because it's in Decemberrrrrrrrrr!

  Jokes provided by our resident joke teller.



Homework is a very important part of life in Y6 because it will help to support the learning you are doing in school.  We expect you all to complete your homework every week.  However, if you need any help, please make sure you ask us.  Just remember to do this before the day that your homework is due in!


Date set:                

Date due in / date to be completed

If you are doing homework that needs handing in, you are welcome to hand it in as soon as it is done, you do not need to wait until the Friday.  Please bring it to school and put it in the homework box.


English homework:

Reading - Read something that you want to read and enjoy reading as often as you can.

Read Theory x 3 - Remember to do this carefully so that you do the best that you can.

Key Words x 5 - Practice the key words that you have been given at home.  You will be tested on these when we get back to school.


Maths homework:

Time should be spent on Maths homework at least 3 times during the week.

Suggested activities:

* TTRS / practice x tables - you will be tested on these when we get back to school.

* Use suggested websites on our class pages


If you would like to keep your other Maths skills up, this is a great website as you can do a small amount of daily practice:

Reading in Year 6

In Year 6, we want you to LOVE reading and read books which you ENJOY reading and WANT to read.  We have lots of brilliant books in the classroom and there are also great books in the school reading books which you can borrow.

Remember to record the books that you have read on your personal 'Reading Bookshelf' sheet, recommend books to others that you have really enjoyed and ask an adult to photocopy the spine of the book to add to our 'Reading Pile'.


Parents and carers:  Please see the letter below about reading in Year 6.  This was sent home in the first few weeks of the school year.



   This is perfect for practising your reading comprehension.

Looking for something to read?

There are some great resources out there to help you choose a book to read.  Here are some of the most useful:


#BookMatch - This is part of a fantastic website from 'The Reader Teacher' and has book lists showing you books similar to ones

                         written by some of the most popular authors at the moment.

                         It is worth looking at others parts of this website, there are so many book suggestions, you list will get longer and



What to read after - You can put the name of books or authors you really like in the search bar and search for other books that you

                                   might like based on what you have already read.



If your favourite author or set of books is on this map, follow the correct 'tube line' for suggestions of other books that you might like:


Here are some of the interesting and inventive places we have been reading!  These photos are really making us smiley .  

If you would like to share your photo with us, please email it to Mrs Dimbleby (



We have been lucky enough to receive tweets from some authors.  We always get very excited when this happens.  Here is what we have received so far:

We have also been lucky enough to receive some post from Lindsay Littleson, the author of The Titanic Detective Agency:

Here is the letter that she sent to both classes, telling us all about the characters in her book and how she based them on real passengers from the Titanic:

Spellings in Year 6

Whichever spellings you are working on, this website is really useful:

You can click on the year groups you want to.  Scroll down towards the bottom of the page to practise the words from our word lists.


Another useful website is:

You can click on the year groups you want to, then click on the books in the background to select different words.

Year 6 Spelling Menu

Other Useful Websites for English

Synonyms and Antonyms: 

Maths in Year 6

Here are lots useful websites which you can use at home to help you with your Maths:


My Maths - This is not just for homework!  You can log on and access lots of lessons and activities as well as games.  The lessons are particularly useful as they explain what you need to do and give you examples to try.


Corbett Maths Primary - A fantastic website.  Many of the resources can be printed, but could also be looked at on screen with

                                          practise being done on paper.

5-a-day: 5 questions to practise every day at different levels.  Perfect for practising those important, basic skills as well as other

              areas of Year 6 Maths.

Videos:  Videos to explain how to tackle different skills, followed by questions to answer.

Worksheets:  These link to the videos mentioned above.

Quizzes:  Link to Kahoot quizzes.


My Mini Maths - This is a really useful website which can be used every day, or can be used to focus on areas which you would like to practise more.  Many areas include videos to watch and there are always questions to have a go at answering.

This part of My Mini Maths is particularly helpful when you are practising for the Arithmetic paper.  You can select the types of questions you find tricky, watch a video to help you, then try lots of examples of that type of question:


IXL - A fantastic website.  You can pick an area to work on, look at examples or explanations and also answer some example questions.  To use the website for free, you are limited to a certain number of questions, but it's definitely worth looking at every now and then.


BBC Bitesize - A great website.  Again, you can choose an area to look at.  There are videos, explanations and short quizzes to help you.


Prodigy - This is a fun-packed website mixing games and Maths. 

Adults can find out more by looking at


Guardians of Mathematica - Our new favourite game!


Topmarks - You can search for games that link to specific areas of Maths.  Look out for the age range underneath all games.  It will give you a good idea of how useful it is.


Hit The Button -


Maths Is Fun - This site is really good at explaining things and gives you practice questions at the bottom of each page.


Online Maths Dictionary -


Espresso & Coding

To access Espresso and Espresso Coding from home, go to then click 'Login' in the top right-hand corner.

Login details:  student 4307 / espresso    (Please do not change this as it is the login for the whole school.)

What we've been up to!

Head Girl and Head Boy Applications:

Well done to all of those children who applied for the positions of Head Girl and Head Boy, we are very proud of all of you.  Mrs Youngman and Mrs Bicknell were very impressed with all of your applications and videos.  Whichever role you have been given, it is well deserved and we know that you will represent Hawk Class brilliantly!



We had our own 'iceberg' in the classroom!  This led to lot of discussion, questions and predictions and leads perfectly into the work we will be doing on the Polar regions as well as the sinking of the Titanic.



TTRockStars Rock Out 2020

This is real dedication!  A number of Hawk Class are keen to score as many points as they can during this week of competition.  The steps to the classroom have become a favourite place to sit quietly with an iPad during breaktimes to earn a few more points.


(I must add that this was their idea, it was nothing to do with me!)



The results from the TTRS Rock Out 2020 are in!

Balliol came 440th out of 3,887 schools.  (Some of these schools were secondary schools.)

Hawk Class came 1,236th out of 31,039 classes.  That is amazing!!

Hawk Class were the top class at Balliol. smiley

A huge well done to everyone who took part.


Polar Explorer Day

We had a fantastic day with Simon, the Polar explorer.  He has been to the Arctic and the Antarctic and had so much to show us and tell us about.  He also had lots of questions for us and Mrs Dimbleby was VERY impressed with how much we remembered about all of the things we have learned this half term.


Here are the results of the Polar Animals quiz he set us:

1st place - Jaden & Amrit (23.5 points)

2nd place - Jamie & Eduardo (23 points)

3rd place - Emily & Aleks (22 points)

Hawk Class Christmas Quiz Results:

1st place - The Wolves

2nd place - The French Fries

3rd place - The Three Muskateers & The Holy Trinity




Well done to those of you who have been published this year on Pobble:


Letter to Shackleton - Nicole, Eduardo and Lewis.

Pack Ice Poetry - Amina and Kirstie.

Polar Regions Reports - Caiden and Marius.

Titanic Diary Entry - Lianah.


If you have not been published yet, don't worry, there will be plenty of opportunities throughout the year.