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Well-Being Information



In Kingfisher class, our well-being is the most precious thing! It is my job to ensure each and every child feels safe, happy and supported in and out of our classroom. 


Here is a few ways that our Well-Being is supported in the classroom: 


'Things I Wish My Teacher Knew' Jar. If someone needs to tell me something but are not quite sure how (it might be a worry or a situation they are anxious about) they can write it on a post-it note and pop it into my message-jar. I can then read the message and check-in with the child to make sure they are okay. 


- Feeling Phones. Within our classroom, there are six 'feeling phones' on the wall all representing different emotions. The children are encouraged to place their name on the feeling phone that represents their emotions throughout the day. The adults within the classroom will then check in with children and resolve any issues.


- PSHE display. In our classroom, we have a whole display dedicated to well-being. Here we have self-made posters and messages the children have made themselves, all about how to protect their well-being and make them feel better. We also have positive words and phrases decorated around which the children can read and tell themselves, for example, 'I am beautiful', 'I am smart', 'I am in control of my actions', 'I am amazing'.


- Reading Area. We also have a Reading Area in our classroom where the children can sit back and relax with a few peers, with cushions and blankets in a cosy space to read a book. The children have also made sensory bottles from home, which they can use and shake when feeling angry or anxious.


- An Area of Trust. In Kingfishers, the children are taught to know that our classroom is an area of trust, when we are sharing our answers, having a go or sharing our personal opinions or experiences. As kingfishers, we encourage our peers, their confidence and their abilities, as well as encouraging our own too - this way, we can shine and thrive as young, individuals.