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Year 4 - Elm

Meet your new teacher!


It has come to that time of year again and as sad as I am to say goodbye to the lovely Elm Class of 2019-2020, it is time to meet your new teacher. Please call the school on 01234 300601 to book your place on the 'Meet the Teacher' session on Friday 10th July. Full detail about the session and social distancing measures are in the letter below. 


We will have one final 'Elm Class Meeting' on Zoom next week (Wednesday 15th July at 3:30pm).


See you there!

 Miss O'Connor smiley

Meet your new teacher information:

Monday 6th - 10th July


This week we have some English work related to one of my favourite books 'The Great Kapok Tree' and will give you a little reminder of things we learnt about the Rainforest and has a really important message about conservation.



This RE is all about Journeys. Firstly, I would like you to explore you life journey so far. What milestones have you met already? Then I would like you to complete the life journey map below. This is a great talking point of your dreams and aspirations for the future. Then i have attached a word document with links to explore how Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism all explore life journeys and the specific ceremonies/celebrations they have in their lifetime. Lots of lovely clips to watch and learn more about these religions. 



Monday 29th - Friday 3rd July


This week would usually be our Sports Day (you only have to see the weather to know this!) so we would like you to have your own sports day fun and you can do this inside or outside depending on your space and the weather. These ideas are from the Youth Sports Trust and look great fun. I have included the parents pack so your adult at home can read up on it too.



Here is a nice English booklet that has lots of different writing and SPaG activities that you can pick and choose to do.




Here is a lovely selection of experiments you can do at home. Making your own rainbow - I have tried and tested it, it is very cool to watch!


Monday 22nd - Friday 26th June 


This week National Writing Day is on 24th June so we would like you to visit this website.


It has a super challenge that only needs 24 words!

Here is a helpful hint:

Practical tip: When challenging yourself to write a story, use the ‘Somebody Wanted But Then So’ model for you basic plan which you can then flesh out. For example, SOMEBODY (a space ranger) WANTED (to save the world from an evil alien lord) BUT (their space ship broke down) SO (they hitched a ride with a friendly alien) THEN (they made it just in time to destroy the evil alien lord).


Once you have completed the challenge here are some writing tasks for you to have a go at. You can choose a few or them all.


I have also attached some Maths for you. The times tables challenges are just something different than TT Rockstars but make sure you are still doing that. The summer booklet is something that you can do little and often for the rest of the term. Remember if you need more of something, please email us.


Monday 15th - Friday 19th June


Here is a reminder of the White Rose link which will help you week by week with maths learning at home. It has some useful links for our next topic too.


This week we are looking at MONEY and TIME.




Can you write a timetable of your day from when you wake until you go to bed? As you do an activity look at the clock, make a note of the time and the activity you are doing. Do this for another day and compare the times and activities you have recorded. Do you always have breakfast at the same time? Did you have a snack at a different time?


  • Write the time as analogue and digital, 12 and 24 hours (e.g. Breakfast - ten past eight in the morning, 8:10am, 08:10).
  • Work out how long you have been awake.
  • How long was it between breakfast and lunch, lunch a dinner? Which was the longer time? By how long?
  • Work out home long you have been alive (Years, Months, Days, Hours, Seconds!).


If you have young siblings you, could play the classic game 'What's the time Mr Wolf'!


Here are some links to fun interactive games to get you using time.




Do you know how much things cost? I have attached a basic shopping list of items that you may regularly buy and you estimate how much these items are? Then either when you next go shopping or look online and see how much they actually are. Calculate the cost of the shopping from your estimate and then the actual cost. Look at the questions at the bottom of the page to further your learning.


Next make up your own shopping list and complete the activity again or you could test an adult at home by asking them how much items cost.


Here are some useful websites that are fun to learn more about money.



Blue Peter have launched a new challenge - take a look and see if you can collect of 6 badges this summer!

Monday 8th June  -  Friday 12th June


Would you like to go on a school trip? Well I know I would.... Mrs Gray has organised a virtual one! We have this link for only a week so take a look, get your packed lunch and enjoy the trip!



Password: ct563yh

Let me know what you thought of it.



This week is all about SOUND.

I hope you enjoyed learning about electricity.

Here is your knowledge organiser everything you need to know about sound for this week.


Use this website to help you get started There is lots of great information to help you begin to understand what sound is and how we hear it. Thwn work your way though the activities below!


Here are 2 links  - complete a sound survey to hear what is around you.

This game is really good fun and can test to see how much you already know about sound.


Make your own telephone!


This is how you can see sound with rice! A little experiment you can do at home.


Label the parts of an ear.


Finally - Make your own instruments.

Can you find different items in your home to make a few instruments that produce different sounds? Then can you play a tune and ask a member of your family to guess what song it is. You could always send me a video of your song (I'll put it on here) and we can try and guess too. Or on our next zoom call you can give us a song!

Happy sound making!

Tuesday 2nd June - Friday 5th June

Welcome Back!

I hope you had a lovely half term and enjoyed they lovely weather with your family. We are now into the Summer term and we have some really lovely learning coming up for you. This week we are looking at ELECTRICITY.


Activity 1

A little home challenge - from the moment you wake up until you go to bed can you note down all the items you use that are electrical. If you use them more than once you could tally how many times in the day next to it. I have attached a template table you could use or make your own. Then decide if what you have used is essential or not essential - this could be a discussion as I am sure there are different view points for some of your items! I have attached the knowledge organiser for you to see the information that you need to know.


I have also added a little wordsearch that you might like to try at the end when you know more. There is an electricity assessment to see what you have learnt from this week or you could use it for research and find the answers out as you go.




Activity 2

Next are some great websites where you can learn how to make a electrical circuit online. There is lots of experimenting and exploring to do.

Lots of helpful information and links to different electricity games

Make different circuits on this website

This has information and video about electrical symbols


Activity 3

Finally keeping safe! Can you watch these videos and make a poster about how to keep safe using electricity.


Here are a few examples to give you some ideas.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Hope you enjoyed the last science magazine - here is another to read.


Please continue to use BBC bitesize which have lovely accessible daily lessons on there and will keep your Maths and English skills fresh. 


Again, please email us if you need anything or would like to show us your work so we can celebrate it on here, we really do enjoy seeing you and your wonderful work - thank you.


Have a good weeksmiley

Week 7: Monday 18th May - Friday 22nd May

Monday 18th May

A challenge from Miss Bowling..........

Luton Town FC have set up a 'Joy of Moving' Festival for KS2 children to participate in. This booklet includes all the information you need for a very fun and active afternoon. It is something that everyone can take part in and discover new talents or dust off ones you haven't used for awhile!




Mrs Bicknell has also let us know about an amazing competition that I know many of you will be very excited about. The letter has been sent out but I will attach it below too. So many of you have got what it takes - you can do it!


A Rocktastic HELLO from everyone at Times Tables Rock Stars HQ!!!

Have you got what it takes to become a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® title holder?

We are inviting you to attempt a Guinness World Records title by answering as many times tables questions correctly as you can in one minute.

Guinness World Records has created a new title - Highest score achieved on ‘Times Tables Rock Stars’ in one minute - and we are looking for players to aim for this special accolade.




Here is something a little bit different that I found for you to explore. Choose whichever ones (I suggest you choose 3) of these you would like to complete and share what you have done. Don't forget to email me your work at  



Here is a science magazine that has lots of interesting information, quizzes and puzzles for you to complete.

I can't believe it will already be half term next week! Make sure you have a nice rest and enjoy the sunshine (fingers crossed). laugh

Week 6: Monday 11th - Friday 15th May

Can you believe we are already over half way through Summer Term 1? I have really enjoyed reading emails from you and they are even better when you include photos or videos of your work. I’m feeling very proud of you all.


Things to do this week:

        1. The water cycle

Find out about the water cycle. You could use the BBC Bitesize link below. Then you can either download the worksheet using the Twinkl link or draw your own version on plain paper. Don’t forget to use the correct scientific vocabulary when labelling your diagram.


Note for parents:

If you haven’t used the Twinkl website yet, check it out. There are loads of activities, games and ideas for Home Learning in the Parents Hub.

        2. Make your very own Water Cycle! Follow the instructions below.

        3. Have fun learning The Water Cycle Song  laugh

Childnet Film competetion letter from Miss Jennings.

This letter should explain all you need to know and will be great fun for all the family!


Week 5

Monday 4th / Wednesday 6th May

I hope the home learning packs are keeping you busy with your English and Maths activities. Lots of you are still improving on TT Rock stars so well done. 


Message from Mrs Youngman: This Friday is the 8th May and it marks 75 years since Victory in Europe was celebrated. VE day marks the day towards the end of World War Two (WW2) when fighting came to an end. On 8th May 1945, Prime Minister Winston Churchill made an announcement on the radio at 3pm that the war in Europe had come to an end, following Germany's surrender the day before. We hope you will join us in celebrating this event. Attached are some ideas of fun projects and activities that will help you to understand what life was like for people during WW2. Please do take lots of photos and videos and send them to us to see.


Week 4


How are you all doing this week? Did you enjoy visiting the local river last week? What wildlife did you see? We spotted some tadpoles they were very fast!


We are now moving from Rivers to Mountains this week.


Monday 27th April

Marvellous Mountains - use this powerpoint to learn about mountains and then test your knowledge using the questions sheet below.


Wednesday 29th April

Types of Mountains - look at the powerpoint and then can you use the sorting cards to sort the mountains. If you can't print and stick just note down the groups you have sorted them into.


Friday 1st May 

Have some fun creating a 3D model of a Mountain - here is a website that has a few ideas.

Week 3

I hope you all had a lovely Easter and although it may not have been what we are used to I hope that the weather and chocolate helped! 

Did anyone do an easter egg hunt? How many eggs did you eat? 


Welcome to Week 3! 

Thank you to those who have been in touch, remember to email us questions, work you have completed or whatever you like it is so important to stay in touch. We like to hear from you it makes us smile :) 

We are going to introduce our new topic which we would be starting this half term and really hope that you will enjoy beginning to learn about it from your home.




Monday 20th April

I have attached below the new Knowledge organiser which should help you to see what learning is coming up and help you with all that we are going to be learning about. This week we are going to be looking at RIVERS!

Can you look at a local map and identify the main river that flows through Bedford and into Kempston? Use the Ordance survey map to help you. Can you find your house?,-0.50424,17

Steve Backshall talks about how to use a map


What other local places can you find? Make a list of what you have found.


Can you find a place you have been on holiday in the UK? Or find a family members house that lives in a different place?


Have fun exploring maps as I know that you really enjoy this in Geography when we do it in school and this time we are not putting a time limit on it!



Wednesday 22nd April

From looking at the map have you noticed how close we are to parts of the river? Take a walk down Water Lane or go down to the Mill and have a look what you can see. Take pictures of the river and the surrounding area. What animals are in this space? What is growing near the river side?

As the weather is so nice at the moment use this opportunity and your 1 hour of daily exercise to go out and explore the local river. You will need to read the attached river visit sheet to help you with your task. You may not get this all completed in one hour so revisit the next day or when you can.


Remember you must go with an adult and stay safe near the waters edge.


Friday 24th April

Use this bbc website to help you learn more about the Journey of a river.


Read the information sheet and complete the fact file sheet that i will attach below to show what you have learnt.


I hope this finds you all well and you are keeping safe. I miss all your smiley faces.

We are now at the start of our new normal week 2 home learning! I know some of you have been busy on My Maths and TT Rock stars which is brilliant, I might even give those of you a shout out in the week! 

However, I was hoping for some lovely emails to our class address so I could see what you have been up to and make sure you are all ok. Some feedback on what you have been doing with your time and maybe the games you have been playing with people in your home would be lovely to know. 


Monday 30th March

The first task of the week is to contact us! Use your computer emailing skills and get writing to us. Here are the addresses again and Can't wait to hear from you.



Wednesday 1st April

yadoT si lirpA sloof yaD! 

Why is it called this? What is the tradition? Can you think of something you could do with your family that could make them laugh?


Friday 3rd April

Easter crafts. Can you make a lovely Easter card or item and send a picture of it. There will be a small chocolate prize (when we get back) for all entries.  I have not yet worked out how to get pictures on here but that will be my homework so that i can  then post them on here. If you need some inspiration there are lots of ideas if you just google search Easter crafts for children. Have fun!

Year 4 - Working From Home

Dear all,

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this unusual time. As stated in the working from home letter from Mrs Youngman (see link below), each day children are expected to complete one piece of English work/comprehension from their booklet, one piece of maths work from their booklet, one piece of additional work and some reading.


The additional work could be something from your topic work pack that was given to you and links to our topic (see the link below).  The year 4 teachers will then post three additional tasks each week to be completed in the books provided or you can email a picture of your work, we would love to see this. Where possible, please encourage your children to check their writing makes sense and is following our handwriting guidance, neatly presented work is always work to be proud of!

My maths homework will be available as normal as well as access to other online work websites such as espresso and pobble 365 as set out in the second letter in your home learning pack (see link below).

If you have any questions please email either or and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as we can. In addition, work can be sent through this way if you would like to share what you have done so we can celebrate your achievements we would love to hear from you.


We look forward to seeing and hearing all about your work.

Miss Homan and Miss O'Connor



Home learning



Traiders and Raiders



There are some really fun activities suggested on our home learning ideas and we will aim to highlight at least 1 of these in our main weekly plan that you can do at home.



Additional tasks for this week.


Monday 23rd March

Using these fun facts (see below) can you create a poster or booklet that will be more interesting to read for others. Once you have written them maybe think about how you can illustrate these.


Wednesday 25th March

We have been learning about Sikhism. Can you write your top 5 things you have learnt about this religion. What particular things have you found most interesting?


Friday 27th March 

Round up your week - 

What has been the easiest thing about learning from home?

What has been the hardest?

Your most enjoyable day this week and why?

What would you like to do next week? 

Email us and keep us updated with your news.


Fun facts

Welcome to Elm Class


Dear Elm Class


Thank you for visiting our class page. You will find lots of useful updates about what we have been up to and plenty of information on how to boost your learning at home. Don't forget to show your parents!


If there is anything you think we should add to our class page let us know!


Miss O'Connor and Mrs Smedley laugh


PS - remember our e-safety tips before clicking on any links on this page. For more information on how to stay safe, visit the e-safety page.

General Class Information

  • Class Teachers: Miss O'Connor and Mrs Smedley
  • PE is on Wednesdays and Thursdays
  • Year 4 Homework - Your child will now have a blue or green folder which is for them to carry their homework each week. If they need any resources to support their homework (paper etc.) they know they can ask. 
    • Weekly spellings are sent out on a Friday in a small blue book. Learn the weekly spellings using the 'Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check' method. Don't forget to look up the meaning of any word the children don't know. 
    • Maths homework is either set through My Maths or sent out as a sheet. 
    • Reading is still vitally important for developing fluency and comprehension. Children should build up to reading for 20 minutes at least 3 times a week, or daily is even better! Ideas of questions you could discuss are attached below. 
    • Timetables! By the end of Year 4, it is expected that children know times tables up to 12 x 12. Use TT Rock Stars and My Maths Times Table Boosters. 
    • Additional English or Maths homework may be given out on alternate weeks so please see their homework folder for this.
  • Please remember that water bottles should only contain water.
  • Snacks should be healthy and savoury e.g. a piece of fruit or a healthy breakfast bar.