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Year 5 - Kingfisher

Welcome Kingfishers!


Starting our Journey Together


I would just like to say how excited I am to welcome each and every one of you to our Kingfisher family, where no dream is too big and no goal too unrealistic! As part of the Kingfisher family, you will be encouraged to grow in confidence, resilience and happiness! You have all shown me what amazing characters you are during our transition days and I cannot wait to spend the next year teaching you, learning with you and having fun together!


On this class page, you will find all of the important information for our class, including: spellings, topic information, revision information, our weekly homework tasks and what we have been up to in the classroom.


Please contact me on the email below if you wish to (both parents and children). I love to see what you have been getting up to!

Miss Bates laugh




In Kingfisher class, our well-being is the most precious thing! It is my job to ensure each and every child feels safe, happy and supported in and out of our classroom. 


Here is a few ways that our Well-Being is supported in the classroom: 

- 'Things I Wish My Teacher Knew' Jar. If someone needs to tell me something but are not quite sure how (it might be a worry or a situation they are anxious about) they can write it on a post-it note and pop it into my message-jar. I can then read the message and check-in with the child to make sure they are okay

- Heart Tokens. Within our classroom, there are two glass heart panels which are labelled 'I Feel Okay Today' and 'I Don't Feel Okay Today and Might Need Some Help'. Each child has their own little wooden heart, which they can place into one of the panels to let me and others know how they are feeling

- Well-Being display. In our classroom, we have a whole display dedicated to well-being. Here we have self-made posters and messages the children have made themselves, all about how to protect their well-being and make them feel better. We also have a mirror here with positive words and phrases decorated around which the children can read and tell themselves, for example, 'I am beautiful', 'I am smart', 'I am in control of my actions', 'I am amazing'. 

- Reading Area. We also have a Reading Area in our classroom where the children can sit back and relax with a few peers, with cushions and blankets in a cosy space to read a book. The children have also made sensory bottles from home, which they can use and shake when feeling angry or anxious


General Class Information


Class Teacher: Miss Bates

Supporting Teachers: Mrs Loi and Miss Houghton 

PE: Tuesday and Thursday. On P.E days children must come to school in their kit. 

Please ensure correct Balliol P.E kit is worn (this can be purchased from the office). Any additional kit worn (such as warm outer layer for the colder months) must be plain black or dark-blue in colour. 

Children MUST have appropriate trainers for outdoor lessons. 



Remember your e-safety rules before clicking on any of the internet links on this page. For more information on how to stay safe, visit the e-safety page.

Online Safety - Kingfisher Class Rules



- Spelling List 3

- Maths Book Pages: 24 and 25

- MyMaths (multiplication) 


HOMEWORK SET: 14th January 

- Spelling List 2

- English Grammar Book Pages: 21 and 22 

- English Comp Book Pages: Book 1 (page 30) and Book 2 (page 24). 


HOMEWORK SET: 7th January 

- Spelling List 1

- MyMaths x2 (short multiplication and long multiplication) 

- Maths Homework Book Pages: 23 and 24. 

- Optional making of an Egyptian Death Mask!

HOMEWORK SET: 17th December. 

- Reading Challenge (see attachment) 

- Optional making of an Egyptian Death Mask!


HOMEWORK SET: 10th December. 

- Spelling List 6

- English Homework Grammar Book Pages: 62 and 63 (Punctuating Speech)

- Comprehension Homework Book Pages: Book 1 (pages 8-9) Book 2 (pages 10-11). 


HOMEWORK SET: 3rd December. 

- Spelling list 5

- MyMaths Homework: Perimeter 

- Maths Book Pages: 14 (mental calculation), 15 (rounding and checking), 48 and 49 (perimeter).


HOMEWORK SET: 26TH November.

- Spelling list 4

- English Homework Grammar Book Pages: 6, 7, 40, 42 (Modal Verbs and Commas in a List) 

- Comprehension Homework Book Pages: Book 1 (pages 4-5 'An Astronauts Guide to Life on Earth') OR Book 2 (pages 4-5 'The Unluckiest Boy in the World'). 


HOMEWORK SET: 19th November. 

- Spelling list 3

- Maths Homework Book Pages: 16, 17, 21 and 22. 

- MyMaths Homework: Square and Cubes. 


Homework set 12th November. 

- Spelling list 2

- English Homework Book Pages: 16 and 17 (basic relative clauses)

- Comprehension Homework Book Pages: Book 1 (pages 14 and 15) OR Book 2 (pages 20 and 21). 


Homework set 5th November.

- Spelling (list 1)

- Maths Homework Pages 18 and 19 

- Mymaths: multiples and factors AND TimesTables 2-12x


Homework Set 22nd October.

- Spelling Key Word Challenge (previous incorrect spellings sent home to practise) 

- Optional Solar System project 


Homework Set 15th October. 

- Spelling (list 6) 

- Maths book (pages 12, 13, 14 and 15) 

- MyMaths (line graphs) 


Homework Set 8th October. 

- Spelling (list 5) 

- Grammar book (pages 52, 53, 54 and 55) 


Homework Set 1st October. 

- Spelling (list 4) 

- French poster (researching a French-speaking country) 

- MyMaths (addition and subtraction) 


Homework Set 24th September. 

- Spelling (list 3) 

- Comprehension book (pages 6 and 7)

- Grammar book (pages 25 and 26) 


Homework Set 17th September. 

- Spelling (list 2)  

- Maths book (pages 7, 8 and 10) 


Homework Set 10th September. 

- Spelling (list 1) 

- Comprehension book (pages 2 and 3)

- Grammar book (pages 4, 5 and 8)



Weekly Homework Information


enlightenedContinuous Homework

- Spelling (practice daily). Children will receive spellings to practise in school, they will also bring a copy home in a small spelling book to practise at home. Their spellings will also be posted on here with homework each week.


Reading (15+ minutes daily). Your child will have a school book they can read at home; when finished this book can be returned and swapped. 


Timestables (practice as often as possible: daily). TTRockstars is a great, fun way to do this.



enlightenedSet Homework

This is homework that will be set on Friday each week.


-Homework Books (set every Friday). These books are extremely precious and it is important they are kept safe and neat. The tasks set in them will link with the weeks work.


MyMaths (set every Friday). MyMaths logins are found in children's homework diaries. 


Topic Tasks (set as appropriate).


Topic Information

Sow, Grow and Farm Information!

Sow, Grow and Farm Topic Organiser


Spelling Activities and Key Words


Home Practise: reading, TTR