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Year 5 - Kingfisher

~ Monday, 29th June 2020 ~

Next Zoom meeting - Friday, 3rd July 2020. 

I will email joining details shortly!

Stay safe!

Mrs Vassell

~ Thursday, 25th June 2020 #

Next Zoom meeting - Friday, 26th June 2020. 

I will email joining details this morning!

Stay safe!

Mrs Vassell

Tuesday, 16th June 2020

Next Zoom meeting - Friday, 19th June 2020. 

I will email joining details this morning!

Stay safe!

Mrs Vassell

Dear Lovely Kingfishers


Hello everyone! How are you? I really hope you are keeping safe and busy.


I will set out the week's tasks  below. Remember to check all the links from last week so that you have a variety of things to keep you busy!


Stay safe.

Always a Kingfisher!


Mrs Vassell



Dear Lovely Kingfishers


It seems like aaaaages since I've written to you!  How are you all? I really hope you've been able to get out a bit more, especially when the weather is so amazing. I do hope also that you've been able to do some schoolwork - not only to keep boredom at bay, but also to keep your brain warmed up and ready for the return to school!


I have been quite busy with schoolwork and around the house, working in the garden, cooking and baking, walking the dog and trying to get out on my bike as usual.


I'm going to post your three tasks for this week. Give them a go and remember to email me any work you do and/or photographs of your work (and anything else you're getting up to that you're happy to share with me)! Thank you to Amrit for your beautiful artwork - I am sooooo impressed - and to Emily for your poems.  The work that you all send to me makes me sooo happy, thank you - keep it coming!!


It goes without saying that I miss you all. I am hoping we will see each other before the Summer holidays ....


Take care, be safe and have fun.

Abrazos! (Spanish hugs!)


Mrs Vassell

Always a Kingfisher


Monday 6th - 10th July 


With so many influential people making speeches and addressing the nation in this current time,  this piece of English work looks back at some very famous speeches of the past, some of which you may have heard or learnt about. 



Maths continues with FDP.

I have also got a challenge for you to complete your work on FDP and you will be using all that you know to map out an amusement park. 



This week you are going to use what you have learnt so far about rides and machines and begin the task to design your own. Here is some questions for you to consider and some useful links to help you with this process. It is very practical and should be lots of fun. If you have some designs you would like to share please send them and i will post them - enjoy!


Monday 29th - 3rd July


This week would usually be our Sports Day (you only have to see the weather to know this!) so we would like you to have your own sports day fun and you can do this inside or outside depending on your space and the weather. These ideas are from the Youth Sports Trust and look great fun. I have included the parents pack so your adult at home can read up on it too.



Here is your Maths continuing with FDP. Remember to use TT Rockstars, My Maths and those booklets that were put on last week.


The English is looking at more poetry and using modal verbs. I hope you are enjoying these and finding them managable. Little writing and daily to help you keep working on those important skills.

Keep up with learning those spellings from the yr5/6 spelling list - now is the time to get some more learnt.



Here is a fun Gravity investigation that you can do at home. I have also found some thought provoking challenge cards using what you know about forces to have a discussion about with someone at home or just to contemplate yourself. 




Have a great week and we are all here if you need anything at all. I would love to put up some of your work so if you can anything at all email and ill put it on here.

Monday 22nd - Friday 26th June 


This week National Writing Day is on 24th June so we would like you to visit this website.


It has a super challenge that only needs 24 words!

Here is a helpful hint:

When challenging yourself to write a story, use the ‘Somebody Wanted But Then So’ model for their basic plan which they can then flesh out. For example, SOMEBODY (a space ranger) WANTED (to save the world from an evil alien lord) BUT (their space ship broke down) SO (they hitched a ride with a friendly alien) THEN (they made it just in time to destroy the evil alien lord).


Once you have completed the challenge here are some writing tasks for you to have a go at, you can choose a few or them all.



Here is the next part of your maths.



Finally, here is your Scream Machine knowledge organiser which should give you all the information you need particularly the science that i began to set you last week, I hope this helps with new vocabulary - ENJOY.


Monday 15th - 19th June 


Hi Year 5 - sorry for the delay in getting work set up on here, i am sure you have been finding lots of things to keep you busy whilst you wait! So I (Miss Homan) am going to be taking on home schooling website for Year 5 but please make sure you keep in contact with Mr Dalton and Mrs Vassell with any work you want to share but also you can contact me if you are having any trouble with links or the work from this page by using the email. 


So for this week


Poetry and looking at noun phrases. There are 3 lessons and a ppt below so take your time and work through these activities to get you thinking about improving your vocabulary.




We are going to looking at fractions, decimals and percentages which links to learning you were doing before we all began to learn from home. If you need to remind yourself of anything BBC bitesize have some great learning videos that could help get you brain back into it. If there is anything you are finding tricky please just ask.



This year 5 summer booklet has loads of fun maths activities which cover lots of different maths learning and is something that you can do as and when you feel like and could be a page a day. There are different year groups so if this is too easy or too hard and can find you something else  - just ask!

There is also some times table challenge sheets which can be used with TT Rockstars just as a different way of doing them.





This week i thought we could just start by looking at the forces as your topic is Scream Machine it would be useful to understand how it all works.

Check out this website


Then read through this knowledge organiser. Once you have read through it you could impress a family member by speaking like an expert and tell them everything you have learnt about forces. They can then keep a point score and let you know how much of an expert you are - remember no 'erms' or 'like' as this will loose you points. See the link for details of this below.

Summer Term 2 

Week 1 - wb 1st June 2020


Task 1 - Science

Take a look at the 'OpenUpScience' magazine attached below. This week is all about our oceans. You'll find some incredible facts, puzzles and activities to do. What I'd like you to do - along with the puzzles, etc - is at least two of the activities (you can do more or all of them!!) - choose from 'Float or sink'; 'Diver in a bottle'; 'Underwater Wonderland'; 'Salty Water'; and 'Plankton Challenge'! Send me your photographs and any writing you do - enjoy!!

Summer Term 2 

Week 1 - wb 1st June 2020


Task 2 - English (Reading)

1.  Read a chapter from the book you are currently reading.

2.  Summarise the events from the chapter - you could do this as a bullet-point list, as a comic strip, or find another creative way of your own to present the information.

3.  Write down any unfamiliar words from the chapter; find out the meaning of the word(s) using all the strategies you already know (dictionary, read around the sentence/context, ask an adult).

4.  Send me your work!

5.  Finally, read something around the house that isn't a book and record what you have read in your planner!

Summer Term 2 

Week 1 - wb 1st June 2020


Task 3 - Art


Take portrait photographs of your family members (including any pets!).  Consider light, tone and textures and, following this, use the photographs to draw portraits of each family member in pen.


Email me your work!

Shinobi Word of the Day


Have a look at the two words for this week – anguish and archaic. You can choose your favourite or use both of them; here are some of the things you can do with them:


Practise spelling the words; then ask a member of your family to test you!

Change the words by using a prefix or suffix. How does this change the meaning of the words?

What antonyms and synonyms can you find for the words? Write these and their meanings too.

Write sentences using the words to show your understanding of their meaning.


Remember to use your best joined-up handwriting, checking the spelling of all the words you use in your sentences, not forgetting to use capital letters and the correct punctuation!

Summer Term 1 - wb 1st June 2020


General Home Learning


Remember to complete reading, spelling and maths activities throughout the week. As always, here is a list of links to help you - remember, you don't have to complete everything in all these links - they are here simply to give you a choice, making things more interesting and, hopefully, you will also find something new that you find you really like and which helps you with your learning!


And, as always, email, email, email me! Send me your work, photographs, news and anything else at all you would like to share with me -!! I am missing each and every one of you and it would be amazing to hear from you.


Take care, stay safe.


Mrs Vassell

Always a Kingfisher

Maths - Maths Masters - Do a Maths question every day! (Years 3/4 and Years 5/6 attached - choose what is right for you!)

 Week 7 - Task 1 - Monday 18th May 2020 - History


We cover lots of different ancient civilisations in school like the Romans, Egyptians, Vikings and Mayans. Today I would like you to do some research on an ancient civilisation that we haven't looked at yet in school.


You could choose from:

Ancient Greeks, Persians, Mesopotamians, The Indus Valley Civilisation or the The Ming Dynasty

Or any others you can find.


Conduct your research into this topic and put together a poster or pamphlet covering some aspects of their life such as:

farming, housing, religion, war, leisure, travel, trade, their origins and their end.


Week 7- Task 2 - Wednesday 20th May 2020 - P.E


If you can I would like you to get out in the sun and do a little workout/skills practice. If you cannot get outside then you can do it in your living room. 

You can use the circuit exercise cards below to put together an exercise session with a variety of different movements or use one of the many 'kids workout' videos online. You could even do a more skill-based session based around drills from your favourite sport. 

The session should be between 20 and 30 minutes and really raise your heart rate. 


Week 7 - Task 3 - Friday 22nd May 2020 - Art


For your Friday task, I would like you to choose an art activity from the website below to have a go at. Most if not all use materials that are readily available or easily obtainable. Send pictures of your creations to the class email address. - I would love to see them!

Further links to further activities!

TT Rockstars - Guinness Book of World Records - make yourself a legend

Tuesday, 12th May 2020


Dear Kingfishers

How are you doing? Hope you're all keeping safe and well and managing to get lots of fresh air. 

I've put up some new links for activities for you to try. Remember to keep doing your English and Maths, and remember the Year 5 booklet available from the school office ...!

Take care everyone.

Always a Kingfisher heart wink


Mrs Vassell

100 indoor activities to try!

Monday, 4th May 2020


Good morning everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend and are managing to get lots of exercise!!

My bike needs a service because the gears are slipping and jumping so I'm really missing going out on my bike.  Still walking the dog lots though.


If you find it helpful to have a reminder, here's a look at all your home learning choices (and, obviously, keep from getting bored!):



- One maths task (from the maths book)

- One English task (from the comprehension book)

- One additional task. This may come from the pack sent home or this web page. 

- Reading, spelling practice and times tables practice


Every week

- One new MyMaths will be set each week


Three further tasks will be posted below each week to help give you variety!


And don't forget to try out the links from previous weeks (scroll down).


Take care and stay safe.  Always a Kingfisher.


Mrs Vassell


Tasks for the week ahead

Monday, 4th May to Friday, 8th May 2020


Monday, 4th May 2020 – Task 1  Time capsule

(Credit to Chelseamai’s mum for the idea!)

You are living through history right now.

I have attached a time capsule template for you to record ideas, thoughts, etc for your future self to read. Don’t worry if you’re not able to print the template. You should be able to use the ideas to create your own using your own paper.  Have fun with this one!


Wednesday, 6th May 2020 – Task 2  Music

I attach a ‘Keeping the beat’ newsletter from Bedford Borough Music Department, together with lots of links for creative and fun musical activities which encourage you to use objects around the house as musical instruments, supporting your singing and lots more! Record yourself and send it to me on!


Friday, 8th May 2020 – Task 3  Espresso

See the link below for lots of lessons to choose from. They download as a pdf; then click ‘load the lesson’ and it launches into a route creator lesson in Espresso.

Access Espresso at home with username student4307 and password espresso.  Enjoy!

(There are also loads of videos and games generally on Espresso …)


Monday, 4th May 2020 Time capsule

Wednesday, 6th May 2020 Music Letter to parents Keeping the beat

Wednesday, 29th April 2020


Good morning Kingfishers!!

How are you today?  I hope everyone is safe and well, including pets!!

Thank you to all of you who have emailed - Jack, Chelseamai, Emily, Caiden - it is so wonderful to hear from you. Remember, you can email me with your news, photos, videos showing me what you're getting up to during Lockdown -!


I'm attaching a link to a beautiful online book which Mrs Dimbleby told us about - full of short stories, poems, pictures, etc.  I hope you enjoy it - and maybe it'll inspire you to write your own Lockdown poem and/or short story ...


I'm also attaching a link to Oak National Academy so that you have some different Maths to try out - there are ten lessons and they're all about translations, position and reflection


Until next time - stay safe.  Always a kingfisher. heart


Mrs Vassell wink



Hello all Kingfishers!!


Can you believe it's raining!!  I know the plants will need this, but I was just getting used to having sun every day ...

Hope you're all keeping well - still exercising, keeping boredom at bay and having fun.


I hope you enjoy this week's tasks.

Remember to email me!!


Mrs Vassell

Week 4 - Task 1 - Monday 27/04/20 - History


Today we would like you to conduct your own research and create a poster/booklet or short presentation on a topic of your choice that we have covered in History lessons this year. This could be anything from an Egyptian god that we looked at but didn't cover in detail to a famous scientist similar to Sir Isaac Newton (such as Albert Einstein or Sir Steven Hawking).  


                                Week 4 - Task 2 - Wednesday 29/04/20 - Languages


Choose a language that you don't already speak and create a poster that will show/explain how to answer the register in the morning!  Include the following words/phrases in that language (and the English translation), together with illustrations. 

Good Morning





Thank You




                                        Week 4 - Task 3 - Friday 01/05/20 - English


I am sure that many of you have used the extra time to watch some films, so today's task is for you to write a film review. You can write this review on any film you choose (as long as it is age appropriate) and, while I would advise watching one especially for this task, you can write it on your favourite film/the last film you saw if you are unable to do this.  If needed, below are links to help you with the features your review should include and a template for how you might set it out. 

Friday, 24th April 2020 *** Shinobi Word of the Day ***

Thursday, 23rd April 2020 *** Shinobi Word of the Day ***

Hello Kingfishers!!


How are you all? I hope you're enjoying the sunshine as much as you can.

Are you able to get out for your hour's exercise most days??


I hope all the links I've posted have been useful. Please email me if you have any questions at all!!

You know I miss you all.  Here are some top activities for this coming week!!


1.  If you can't already tie your shoelaces, use this free time to learn, ready to show off your new skills!

2.  Can you cook a meal for your family? 

3.  Try and bake a cake if you never have before. If you have baked a cake, try and bake some biscuits (they're much more tricky to get right!!).

4.  Design your own clothes! 

5.  Use apple seeds and try to grow an apple plant.


As always, send me your pictures and news at   

Always a Kingfisher!
Mrs Vassell smiley


Wednesday, 22nd April 2020 *** Shinobi Word of the Day ***

Tuesday, 21st April 2020 *** Shinobi Word of the Day !!! ***

Monday, 20th April 2020


Hello Kingfishers!!

I haven't been on here for a little while, for which I apologise. I have been trying to keep my dog and me exercised as much as possible, not eat too much chocolate over the Easter holiday and to bake (although I can't find many things to bake with anymore in the supermarkets ...!!)

I hope you are all doing really well, getting the exercise you need and having as much fun as you can.

Now that the Easter break has ended and as we enter the Summer term, it's a good time to start thinking about how to keep your brain active too. I'm going to add lots of home learning links for you to save you from boredom! 


Try and complete some of these every day so that you will manage to keep all your learning up-to-date and fresh, ready for the return to school! See also the directed tasks from Mr Dalton and me which you should aim to complete every week (there will be three every week!). (If you need another exercise book, just let the school know!)

I miss you all ... Lots of hugs from me.

Keep safe and remember - always a Kingfisher!!

Mrs Vassell


PS  Have you seen this?!? Have you seen your teacher?!?

w/b Monday, 20th April 2020:    Year 5 Directed Tasks


Task 1:  Write a story about your life in lockdown.  How does it compare to what your life was like before lockdown?  Can you describe how you and your family feel. What is the first thing you'll do after lockdown?  You can write your story in paragraphs or as a comic strip. You can illustrate it with pictures and thought/speech bubbles. Get creative and try to use as many of those language devices and amazing vocabulary we've used in class!


Task 2:  Create a piece of art using things you have at home - fruit, cutlery, cuddly toys!!  Learn calligraphy!  Create some fingerprint art!


Task 3:  Science - Learn a magic trick and the science behind it. See the Magic Quantum Lab link below!!


As always, email me with your pictures and stories about how you've got on with your tasks!


And above all, have fun - Always a Kingfisher!!



w/b Monday, 20th April 2020




The pick n mix options are just that - pick a variety to mix it up! Try to do a range of maths, reading, writing, spellings, times tables, etc.


General Learning - 

BBC Bitesize Daily lessons - - English, Maths and at least one other subject every day. Check out BBC iPlayer and BBC Red Button too!


Oak National Academy - - English, Maths and at least one other subject every day.


Reading -

Read for pleasure! Use 20-30 minutes out of your day to read your book. Read to a tree; read to a favourite teddy!

Authorfy Classroom! -

Reading Comprehension -

Use your reading revision books.


Writing - 

Look at this amazing resource. Take a couple of weeks to complete it!


Spellings - 

Spelling frame -

Spooky spellings -

Scribble spellings - Make a pattern with your pencil over your page. Fill all the gaps with the spelling word you find tricky. Use a different colour each time you write it. Keep practising for all those tricky spellings!


I will attach the y3/4 and y5/6 spelling documents below - choose 5-8 spellings you find tricky and practise them in different ways!


Maths - 

Really great daily lessons on both: (This is what we follow in school lessons.)


Use your revision books

Times tables - keep practising those you still find tricky. If you know all your times tables (platinum), work on your speed!

Use TT Rockstars of course!


SPaG - 

Use your revision books and you'll also find activities on BBC bitesize -


Have fun - mix it up but do try and keep your brain exercised every day!!!



*** Important - if any of the links/documents don't work, I have also attached them below just in case!! ***

w/b Monday, 20th April 2020: Have a go at our *** NEW *** Word of the Day challenge!

Hello everyone!


How are you???

I am trying to do as much exercise as possible, riding my bike and I've started running again!!!

Remember to email me with news about what you've been up to and send pictures if you like!!
Keep well and email!


Mrs Vassell


Dear Kingfishers

Just in case anyone is logging on to the class pages ... hello on this bright and sunny Tuesday!!! smiley

I hope you're all doing ok, having fun, and managing to keep your days filled with interest, challenges and hopefully something new. The teachers and staff are all in teams on a rota at the minute so I'm currently working from home. I think of you all often and hope that you and your family are keeping safe and well.

Remember to use the class email to send me anything you've done that you want to share with me - I check it everyday and will definitely reply.

In the meantime, do scroll down for the tasks to keep boredom at bay and any other links I will add to help fill your time!

Until tomorrow, keep being a Kingfisher; I'm so proud of you all. laugh

Mrs Vassell


Dear Kingfishers and Kingfisher Parents and Carers

It is with so much sadness that I said goodbye to our 17 Kingfishers this afternoon - not knowing when I will teach the class of 27 again. It has been an absolute pleasure to be your child's teacher this year; we have all come such a long way together, and there was still so much left of that journey. 

Please keep in touch with everything you're getting up to! I'd love to hear from you, so use the email address!! I will be logging in regularly and will try my very best to reply to all emails.

Above all, stay safe, listen to advice and wash your hands!

Take care and keep checking this page for all the lovely activities we will post for you to keep boredom at bay! Give the TTRockstars tournament a go and give the Years 4, 5 and 6 classes a run for their money!!

Don't forget, too, to tune in to P.E. with Joe at 9:00am every morning, starting from this Monday, 23rd March.

And finally, remember! You will always be a Kingfisher to me ...



Links! Links! Links! I will try to add more each day!!

Task 3 of 3 for the week ahead, w/b Monday, 30th March 2020

Design, draw and label your own fantasy creature that would live on your fantasy island. This could be a gryphon, mermaid, centaur, cyclops, giant, etc.

Then write a descriptive paragraph about your creature. Include:

  • powerful verbs and adjectives
  • similes
  • metaphors
  • personification
  • expanded noun phrases!
Task 2 of 3 for the week ahead, w/b Monday, 30th March 2020



Draw your five favourite fruits and five favourite vegetables. Label your drawings with their names in French!

Keep practising the days of the week and numbers 1-31!

Task 1 of 3 for the week ahead, w/b Monday, 30th March 2020


Design, create and label your own fantasy island!

Include a key detailing the main areas of your island.

Give your island a name.

Task 3 of 3 for the week ahead, w/b Monday, 23rd March 2020



You have entered the portal at the Ancient Citadel to begin your quest to find treasures on the island. Write a diary entry, detailing your adventure, including the dangers you faced, the treasures you found and anything that or anyone who helped you through your journey.

Remember these features for diary-writing.

  • Diary style (“Dear …”)
  • First person
  • Detailed descriptions
  • Past tense
  • Self-reflection
  • Chronological order
  • Informal language


Task 2 of 3 for the week ahead, w/b Monday, 23rd March 2020

Write a non-chronological report explaining the rules of Hockey!

Your report should include:

  • Pitch size
  • Players per team
  • Player positions
  • Rules for fouls - for example, foot and stick tackles
  • Short corners
  • Long corners
  • Penalty flick/Penalty shuffles
  • Umpire’s cards


Remember these features for writing a non‑chronological report:

  • Title
  • Brief introduction
  • Sub-headings
  • Facts in fact boxes/paragraphs/bullet points
  • Present tense
  • Third person
  • Formal language/tone.

Task 1 of 3 for the week ahead, w/b Monday, 23rd March 2020



- make crystals from the Gem Well. This will require adult supervision as it involves boiling sugar syrup;


- make sludge from Fogwind Swamp; this can be done independently with adult consent.


See instruction documents below!

Welcome to Kingfisher Class


Remember your e-safety rules before clicking on any of the internet links on this page. For more information on how to stay safe, visit the e-safety page.

How to stay safe online - Kingfisher Class Rules

Welcome back to the 2020 New Year!


The Kingfishers have come back ready to learn, showing excellent listening skills and putting effort and hard work into everything they do. 


Some reminders!


Water bottles:

Remember to bring your water bottle every day and take it home every evening. Water can be accessed during lessons at all times but the children are mindful that this should not interrupt their listening and completion of tasks/activities.


P.E.:  Indoors on Monday afternoons and Outdoors on Friday afternoons. Please ensure correct Balliol P.E. kit is worn and, in colder weather, that warm long legged and long sleeved clothing is provided, alongside appropriate footwear. *** Please see recent letter in relation to cross country and the suitable/extra clothing needed. *** 


Homework:  Friday is the word ...!

- Reading: 10-15 mins at least three times a week - please listen to your child read as often as possible

- Spellings: new spellings on Fridays; dictation test the following Friday - please encourage your child to practise regularly! Use!

- Times tables: these help with so many areas of maths; please encourage your child to practise 10-15 mins every day (TT Rockstars and see website links on times tables practice sheets sent home)

- MyMaths: this is set every Friday, due the following Friday - the tasks are set to consolidate learning from the week; it is important that your child completes this homework every week ...

*** New-New-New: Maths and English homework books going home with your child on Friday, 24th January 2020! Please see the letter accompanying these books for details of how homework will be set. New-New-New ***

- Topic - tasks across a range of subjects are set every Friday (and a copy will appear on your Class Page too!), usually due the following Friday (more complex tasks will be given two weeks to complete). Please encourage your child to complete these tasks independently, but give them support and help for more challenging tasks - when we're challenged, we're learning!


Homework Friday, 20th March 2020

MyMaths - adding and subtracting decimals

spellingframe - practise all year 3/4 and year 5/6 words

Maths homework book - pages 40 and 41 (percentages)

Homework - Friday, 13th March 2020; Due Date: Friday, 20th March 2020

Homework Friday, 28th February 2020; Due Date:  Friday, 6th March 2020

Maths Homework book, pages 34 and 35!

Homework Friday, 14th February 2020; Due Date:  Friday, 28th February 2020


English Homework book, pages 12, 13, 52 and 53!

Homework Friday, 7th February 2020; due date: Friday, 14th February 2020

Maths Homework Book, pages 24 and 25 (Written Multiplication and Written Division)

Homework Friday, 31st January 2020; Due Date: Friday, 7th February 2020

English Homework Book pages 62 and 63 (Punctuating Speech) - due Thursday, 6th February 2020

Friday, 24th January 2020; Due Date: Friday, 31st January 2020

Maths Homework book - pages 28 (Equivalent fractions), 29 (Ordering Fractions), 30 and 31 (Adding and Subtracting Fractions)

Homework Friday, 10th December 2020; Due Date: Friday, 17th December 2020

Homework Friday, 13th December 2019; Due Date: Friday, 20th December 2019

Please note - due to the short week (9-13 December), the spellings have been carried over to the week beginning 16th December, and will be assessed by Wednesday, 18th December!  Thank you!

Homework Friday, 6th December 2019; Due Date: Friday, 13th December 2019

Homework Friday, 29th November 2019; Due Date: Friday, 6th December 2019

Homework Friday, 22nd November 2019; Due Date: Friday, 29th November 2019; Due Date (Topic) Friday, 6th December 2019

Homework Friday, 15th November 2019; Due Date Friday, 22nd November 2019

Homework Friday, 8th November 2019; Due Date: Friday, 15th November 2019

Homework Friday, 1st November 2019; Due Date: Friday, 8th November 2019

Homework! Friday, 11th October 2019; Due Friday, 18th October 2019

Homework Friday, 4th October 2019; Due Date: Friday, 11th October 2019

Homework Friday, 27th September 2019; Due Date: Friday, 4th October 2019

Practise the Year 5 Harvest song for the Harvest festival!

Still image for this video
Song name: "It's Harvest Time"
Lyrics in Homework link

Homework for week ending Friday, 13th September 2019 - Homework due Friday, 20th September 2019