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Year 5 - Kingfisher

Welcome to Kingfisher Class


Remember your e-safety rules before clicking on any of the internet links on this page. For more information on how to stay safe, visit the e-safety page.

How to stay safe online - Kingfisher Class Rules

Update re Class Teaching

Unfortunately, Mrs Bicknell will no longer be able to teach Kingfisher Class on Thursday afternoons, due to her work commitments at this busy period of the year. Fortunately, however, Mrs Banks will be teaching the class, now on Wednesdays, during my planning time out of the classroom. Thanks.

Mrs Vassell

Hello Kingfishers!


Welcome to our Class Page!


***** Message from Mrs Vassell ***** Message from Mrs Vassell ***** Message from Mrs Vassell ***** Message from Mrs Vassell *****


I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you that it is my privilege and my pleasure to teach your children.

Kingfishers Class is a very happy place to be!

All our beautiful Kingfishers are amazing young children - who will grow to be amazing adults. 


***** Message from Mrs Vassell ***** Message from Mrs Vassell ***** Message from Mrs Vassell ***** Message from Mrs Vassell *****


Even though we are halfway through our school year, here is some general information to get us started on our Class Page!


Class Teacher:  Mrs L Vassell

PPA Cover Teacher (Thursdays, 12pm-315pm):  Mrs K Bicknell (lucky Kingfishers! Mrs Bicknell definitely enjoys being in Kingfisher Class! We are the only class to be taught exclusively by our Headteacher every week!)

Other staff:  Miss Y Kaya (newly joined since the start of January)


Water bottles:

We encourage water bottles in our class (water only in bottles); each group table has a water bottle box so that children can access water at all times during lessons.


P.E.:  Our class has P.E. (Indoor) on Monday afternoons and (Outdoor) on Friday afternoons. Please ensure correct Balliol P.E. kit is worn and, in colder weather, that warm long legged and long sleeved clothing is provided, alongside appropriate footwear.


Homework:  Friday is the word ...!

- Reading: 10-15 mins every evening - please listen to your child read as often as possible

- Spellings: new spellings on Fridays; test the following Friday - please encourage your child to practise regularly!

- Times tables: these help with so many areas of maths; please encourage your child to practise 10-15 mins every day (TT Rockstars and see website links on times tables practice sheets sent home)

- MyMaths: this is set every Friday, due the following Friday - the tasks are set to consolidate learning from the week; it is important that your child completes this homework every week ...

- Topic - tasks across a range of subjects are set every Friday (and a copy will appear on your Class Page too!), usually due the following Friday (more complex tasks will be given two weeks to complete). Please encourage your child to complete these tasks independently, but give them support and help for more challenging tasks - when we're challenged, we're learning!


Pobble:  Thank you for consenting to your child's work being published on Pobble! If you have still to do this, please  agree by responding to the emails and reminder emails; or send me a note of confirmation - thank you!!


Finally! Keep checking your Class Page for regular updates and news!

Homework Friday, 21st June 2019; due date: Friday, 28th June 2019

Homework Friday, 7th June 2019; due date Friday, 14th June 2019

Homework Friday, 17th May 2019; Due Date: Friday, 24th May 2019

Homework! Friday, 10th May 2019; Due Date: Friday, 17th May 2019

Homework set Friday, 26th April 2019; Due date: Friday, 3rd May 2019

Homework! Set Friday, 22 March 2019; Due Date: Friday, 29th March 2019

Homework! Set Friday, 15th March; Due Date: 22nd March 2019

Homework! Set Friday, 8th March 2019; Due date: Friday, 15th March 2019

Homework! Set Friday, 1st March; Due Date: 8th March 2019

Homework Set Friday, 23rd February 2019 Due Friday, 1st March 2019

Spellings for w/b 23rd February 2019 - Test Friday, 1st March 2019

Homework 8th February 2019 - Due date Friday, 22nd February 2019

Homework 2nd February 2019 - DUE DATE: 8th February 2019

Spellings for the week commencing 4th February 2019 - test Friday, 8th February 2019

Spellings for the week commencing 28th January 2019

Who's been Pobbled this week??

7th June 2019

This week's published authors are ...


- for consistently good use of vocabulary and, now, really excellent application of skills taught and use of the writing model!


- for such improvement in sentence structure - keep it up!

13th May 2019

This week's published authors are ...


- for an excellently coherent piece of writing for your job adverts!



- for your most focused piece of writing yet - your job advert!


29th March 2019

This week's published authors are ...


- for excellent descriptive writing and technical ability - setting out dialogue with the right punctuation!



- for consistently good dialogue demarcation!

22nd March 2019

This week's published authors are ...


- for excellent descriptive writing - such improvement and confidence!



- for excellent descriptive writing - such flow and excellent vocabulary!

15th March 2019

This week's published authors are ...


- for his excellent soliloquy!



- for her excellent soliloquy!

25th February 2019

This week's published authors are ...


- for his first soliloquy!



- for her first soliloquy!

25th January 2019

This week's published authors are ...


- for his newspaper report paragraph!



- for her excellent Egyptian gods poster!


18th January 2019

Well done to last week's published authors ...




- for their excellent spidergram plan for their newspaper report!


11th January 2019

And well done of course to our first published authors ...




- for their My Life As A Window descriptive writing! 

Miscellaneous News!


25th January 2019: 

Well done to our first sub-10 runner this week! Coming in at a truly impressive 09:32:92, slow and steady Louie has achieved his PB!!

And you can be proud of every single Kingfisher who, today, surpassed themselves as unique and amazing human beings! They all cheered Liam on to complete his final lap when he was finding it tough; with special mention to Malachi, Harvey and Isaiah who ran the last lap with him, encouraging him and keeping his spirits up. A VPT (Very Proud Teacher!) moment!!

The Riddle of the Sphinx!

First snow of 2019 on the 1st!

First snow of 2019 on the 1st! 1

Maths problem!


A chocolate bar has 12 equal pieces.

Sami eats 5/12 more of the bar than Hafsah

There is 1/12 of the bar remaining.

What fraction of the bar does Hafsah eat?

Safer Internet Day this year is Tuesday, 5th February. Our Assembly to highlight the topic that week will be Daltonised (Thank you Mr Falcon) and we will be having activities and discussions throughout the day and the week about online safety. Please remind your children of the importance of staying safe online!

Autumn 1 Topic - Allotment


Here are some useful websites to visit:

Autumn 2 Topic - Stargazers


Here are some useful websites to visit:

Spring 1 Topic – Pharaohs


Here are some useful websites to visit:

What a shame the term for our Pharaohs topic is so short! With over 2000 gods to get through, we're a bit pushed for time ...

After a great Stunning Start - where we designed death masks, looked at Egyptian artefacts, wrote in hieroglyphics and played an Ancient Egyptian game - we hope you and your child are enjoying this topic.

We've since looked at Ancient Egypt and Modern Egypt through geography - map work and the importance of the River Nile - and the children are currently getting their favourite Egyptian god posters finished. (I hope they have told you about the gods Top Trumps card game they were playing this week ...!)

Like the great British Archaeologist, Howard Carter, the children have been investigating the discovery of one of the most famous Ancient Egyptian tombs - the tomb of the boy king, Tutankhamun - ready to write their own newspaper report on this dazzling discovery!

More soon - watch this s p a c e ...! 


Topic Homework!


This week's topic homework