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Year 3 - Willow

Dear Willow Class,

Thank you for visiting our class page! You will find:

1. General information

2. Curriculum information with website links to support learning at home

3. A class diary, showing what we have been up to


If you would like to contact me, please use the class email below (this is for both parents and children). I love to see what you have been getting up to! 😊


Love from Miss Inskip



PS Remember your e-safety rules before clicking on any of the internet links on this page. For more information on how to stay safe, please visit the e-safety page.



What have we been up to?

Monday 4th September

We had a great first day and it was great to have the children back in school. Everyone worked really hard and have settled back in quickly to the Balliol routines and expectations. We spoke about our class rules, signed them and displayed them within the classroom. This afternoon we spoke about our e-safety rules, recapping the importance of staying safe online. Please see these below.

Thursday 7th September

Today we had our Gods and Mortals Wow Day! We all came in dressed up as Greek gods or goddesses and had a fun-packed day of activities.

⚡ Tasting different Greek foods!

⚡ Decorating Greek pottery with mosaics!

⚡ Writing our names using the Greek alphabet!

⚡ Locating Greece on a map of Europe!

⚡ Making our own jewellery armour!

⚡ Making our own leaf head wreaths!

Monday 11th September

This morning we began our topic of ‘Place Value’ in Maths and used lots of different practical resources to create two-digit numbers. Take a look at some below...

Tuesday 26th September

We had a visitor come in to talk to us about staying safe online. 💻 We spoke about all of the different rules and the importance of these. We created our own safe username, password and avatar, ensuring we kept our personal information private. Lots of us enjoyed the staying safe board game at the end!


Thursday 28th September

In English, we have been learning how to write a set of instructions. We have looked at imperative (bossy) verbs, time connectives and adverbs to ensure the instructions are specific enough. By looking at the different features of instructions, we have created our own for a Greek salad and even edited them. Lots of us enjoyed tasting the Greek salad!

Tuesday 10th October

As part of our oral mental starters (OMS) in Maths, we have enjoyed playing a few games and some of us requested to have these on the class page to play at home.

Thursday 12th October

In our Design and Technology (D&T) lessons, we have been exploring pneumatic systems – making something move using air. We investigated all of the components for this and then designed our own moving animal to be able to retell our fable from English. Today, we enjoyed making them!

Wednesday 1st November

We have been learning about prepositions and particularly love joining in with this catchy song!

The Prepositions Song

Friday 3rd November

We have learnt about Remembrance Day and created some artwork to help us remember those who fought in the war. These will be used to help create a school display for everyone to see. 🌹

A or An?

Thursday 16th November

We have been reading 'The Iron Man' in preparation for writing a newspaper report. We watched a news report video featuring Miss Muskett and thought about which statements were facts and which were opinions.

"Prefix or Suffix?" Song by The Bazillions

Thursday 11th January

As part of our Rocks, Relics and Rumbles topic we created our own fossils and excavated them! These were the shells that we used.


Monday 12th February

This afternoon we enjoyed making our moving mechanisms on our explanation poster to teach children about volcanoes. Some of us found parts of it tricky, such as making sure the bridge wasn’t glued onto our lever but this is all part of our evaluation process. I think they look great! 🌋

Monday 22nd April

We have moved on to learning about time in Maths and have looked at the Roman Numerals today. We particularly enjoyed learning them by listening to the song below.