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Autumn 1 Gods and Mortals

In Autumn term one we will be looking at Gods and Mortals.

We will focus on the Greeks throughout the term. We will cover the following ideas:

  • Greek gods
  • Greek alphabet
  • Architecture
  • The different states- especially Sparta and Athens

Thursday 7th September: Wow Day!


Today we had our Gods and Mortals Wow Day! We all came in dressed up as Greek gods or goddesses and had a fun-packed day of activities.

⚡ Tasting different Greek foods, such as Loukoumades with honey!

⚡ Creating Greek pottery with mosaics!

⚡ Writing our names using the Greek alphabet!

⚡ Locating Greece on a map of Europe!

⚡ Making our own jewellery armour!

⚡ Making our own leaf head wreaths!