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Year 2 - Lilac



Dear Lilac Class,

I hope you have all had an amazing summer holiday! I can't wait to meet you all and hear all of the fantastic things you have been up to! Thank you for visiting our class page. Here is where you will find updates about what we have been getting up to and lots of key information about year two. 



See you all soon. 

Miss Holden laugh


PS- remember your e-safety rules before clicking on any of the internet links on this page. For more information on how to stay safe, visit the e-safety page below. 




Parents Section

General Class Information

  • Class Teacher – Miss Holden 
  • Other adults in Lilac Class: Miss Venables and Mrs Palmer 


PE Lessons

PE for Lilac Class will be inside on a Monday and outdoors on a Wednesday. 

Please make sure you come into school with your PE kit on, wearing comfortable footwear and all earrings have been taken out. 

Children may also bring in water bottles. 


Further queries? 

Please contact me on the email below:





  • Reading

  • Children will have a reading diary and a book which they can take between home and school. Please make sure if you read at home you make a note of this in your reading diary. If you need an AR quiz on your book let an adult know in school and we can sort this out for you! 

  • Maths
    • Weekly tasks are set on MyMaths (link below- these are optional tasks) 
    • Children are working towards their Bronze times tables award (2s, 5s and 10s)  and some are working on Silver, and can use TTRockstars to help them. A letter with their logins will be sent home on the first day.
  • Spellings

Children should practise their Year 1 and Year 2 common exception words regularly. These are shown below and were included in the letter sent home on the first day.

  • GCP Books
    • Children have a Maths and a Grammar homework book. 1 of these will be given out each Monday and the pages that children need to do are listed on the inside of the front cover. These books must be returned to school on the following Monday.



Children will have a weekly spelling to learn in class but please practise the spellings below at home as you should know all of these by the end of Year 2!

Yr 1 Common Exception Words

Year 2 Common Exception Words

Our new topic in Lilac Class is Castles


This half term in Lilac Class we will be looking at Castles!

Please take a look at our plan for this term. I wonder if you already know any interesting facts about castles? Maybe you have visited one yourself? If so, I would love to hear all about it. 


Miss Holden laugh

Autumn 1- Castles

Helpful links below:

Our wonderful learning in Lilac Class! 





Our E-safety Robot

During our first week in Lilac class we thought all about internet safety. We made our own Lilac robot to show all of the different rules we need to think about to help us stay safe online. 



We also watched a music concert this week. We saw lots of different performances on the clarinet, keyboard and trumpet. Why not have another look at the videos below- do you recognise any of the songs that are playing? 

Music concert

Still image for this video

Music Concert 2

Still image for this video

English: The Word Collector. 

In Lilac class we have been reading a book called the word collector by Sonja Wimmer. We went on a journey with Luna and found lots of new and exciting words we can use in our writing. As a class, we put all of the interesting words we could think of into different jars and placed them in our reading corner. 


We had so much fun reading this book!

Maths: Place Value 

In Maths we have been learning all about place value. We have been working hard to identify the number of tens and ones in every number, then we made them using base 10 equipment. 

English: The Egg

Our new book The Egg by M.P Robertson is all about a boy and a dragon. We have been using lots of adjectives to describe different dragons. We have also been making predictions about what we think could happen next! 

We thought about creating our own dragons and designed our own top trumps to show how powerful they were! Some of the dragons we created had ice powers and magical gifts! See if you can spot your dragon below? 

Maths: Sequences of 2,5 and 10 


We have been working really hard on our times tables in Lilac class. We have been practicing each of them by singing songs and chanting number sequences. Here are some of our number sequences...


In our castles topic this term we have been researching famous engineer Isambard Brunel. We looked at the different things he has designed and found out all about his life! Please find our class mind map below for more information! 


Art and Design

To finish off our castles topic we have made our own castles out of clay. We discussed different materials that we could use and decided that clay would help keep are castles tall and stable.


Science: Materials- where do they come from? 

Lilac class have now become super scientists thinking about lots of different materials and where they come from. 

We now know that.... 

Glass can be made from grains of sand. 

Metal can be made from rocks.

Plastic can be made from oil.


Autumn Two : Muck, Mess and Mixtures. 

This half term Lilac class are starting a Muck, Mess and Mixtures topic. 

During this topic we will be investigating....

Science: What is a solid, liquid and gas. Exploring how a solid can change to a liquid. 

Art: Exploring marbling and bubble prints. 

Geography: Exploring the continents and oceans- where does our food come from?


Please have a look at our topic map below for more information! 

English: Remember, remember the 5th of November. 

This half term in English we have been reading Hovis the Hedgehog and thinking about firework safety.

We have also learnt a lot about Guy Fawkes and why we celebrate fireworks night. 

We used lots of onomatopoeia to describe how the fireworks sound!


This half term in Maths we have been looking at adding and subtracting two digit numbers. We have been practicing drawing these out using the column method and thinking about the digits in our tens and ones column. 


Next we are going to be looking money! 

We will be thinking about what different coins and notes look like and what coins/notes we need to make different amounts. 


For some of our artwork this term we have been looking at the artist Charles Wollnough. We noticed how he used lots of marbling ink which is made with oil to make some fantastic pieces of artwork. We thought about all the different colours he was using and how the paints came together! 

Take a look at some of our artwork below...



We also looked at how to create bubbling pictures using washing up liquid, food colouring and water! We had lots of fun printing lots of different coloured bubbles onto our pages. 

Take a look at some of our artwork below...




In Lilac class we have been working very hard on adding more detail to our writing. Today we exploring lots of different suffixes including ly, est, ness, ment, less and ful. 

We went to a suffix treasure hunt around the room and made lots of different words! 

Spring One: The Great Fire of London

Happy New Year Lilac Class! 

Welcome back to school everyone and what a fantastic year 2022 will be! This half term we are starting a new exciting topic called the Great Fire of London. 


During this topic we will...

  • Learn about the events that took place. 
  • Learn how to make bread and design our very own bread rolls. 
  • Create our own diary entries- imagining what the Great Fire of London would be like. 
  • Use our senses to describe. 
  • Create shape poems that look like fire!
  • Create our own expanded noun phrases. 


In English we have been creating our own expanded noun phrases to describe fire.

Here are some of our examples. 


The fire is explosive, strong, wild and scary. (Jane) 

The fire was boiling, red and strong. (Finley) 

The deadly and smouldering fire is bright. (Rosa) 

The fire is rapid, huge and warm. (Blake) 

The fire was slow, crackling and burning. (Michelle) 

The fire is blazing hot and red. (Harley) 


In topic this week we have been looking at bread and how it is made we learnt that...

  1. Flour is made from wheat. 
  2. Wheat is collected by a combine harvester.
  3. The wheat is taken to the factory and crushed to make flour. 
  4. Flour is mixed with oil, water and salt to make bread mixture. 
  5. Yeast is added to the bread mix to make sure the dough will rise. 
  6. Bread is baked and sent to the supermarket for us to buy! 


We had lots of fun learning how to make bread and made our own bread making robot to show all of these steps! 

Design and Technology

This week in our design and technology lesson we have been thinking about how to stay safe while cooking. We made posters to help us remember what to do when cooking, take a look at some of our examples below...


We practiced kneading and shaping dough in preparation for our bread making lessons next week. Here are some of the shapes we made- we cannot wait to get baking! 

Spring Two: The Scented Garden 


This half term we are learning all about flowers. 

We will be thinking about what plants need to grow and try to grow our own sunflowers! 

In our reading this week we will be looking at the book Bloom by Anne Booth and Robyn Wilson-Owen. Please see our Spring Two letter below for more information on our learning this term. 


We took the time to explore the school grounds and create a map noting down all of the flowers we have seen. We explored the forest school area and saw some daises, bluebells and daffodils!


When we came back into class we thought of lots of adjectives to describe the flowers we found, we thought about the different colours and shapes we could see! 


We have been thinking about the different parts of a flower and labelling them in our science book.

We found the stem, the roots and the petals. Please see some of our examples below...


This half term in maths we have been looking at 2D/3D shapes and fractions. We have been thinking about what shapes we can see around us and counting up the number of sides and vertices they have. We went on a shape hunt around the classroom and found lots of different items that were the same shape as our 3D shapes. 



This term in English we have been reading Bloom by Anne Booth and The Secret Sky garden by Linda Sarah. We have been completing lots of reading comprehension activities, retrieving key pieces of information from the text. Furthermore, we have also been working hard using our adjectives to describe all of the flowers and creating our own acrostic poems. Here are some of our favourites.. 


Beautiful flowers growing in the golden sun. (Austeja) 

Lovely flowers like the deep blue sea. (Lily) 

Over the big hills shining bright. (Jane) 

On the hilltop they glisten in the rain (Denny) 

Many things to see. (Patryk) 




Summer One: Wriggle and Crawl. 

Welcome back to school year two. I hope you had a lovely Easter holiday!

This half term we are starting a new topic called Wriggle and Crawl. In this topic we will be using lots of scientific equipment such as magnifying glasses to take a closer look at lots of different insects. We will be thinking about how we can classify different animals and what similarities and differences we can spot.


We have started the term by going on a minibeast hunt around the school and during this lesson we have managed to spot the following creatures. 

  • Spiders
  • Ants 
  • Bumblebees. 
  • Ladybird 
  • Beetle
  • Snail 
  • Slug 


If you would like to see some of the other lessons we will be doing during this topic please click on the information below....


English: Minibeast Leaflet

In English lessons this term we will be creating our own minibeast leaflets. We have worked hard in our English lessons so far examining lots of different leaflets and listing the features we can see. Here are some of our ideas below... 

I see some games on the leaflets for children to play. (Denny) 

I can see some scientific diagrams showing me different insects. (Olivia) 

Fascinating words that grab your attention. (Finley) 

Maps showing you where to go. (Alex) 

Pictures of people taking part in activities. (Lilly-May) 

Title in a big font with lots of colours. (Alexis and Mohammad) 



In our maths lessons this term we will be recapping lots of skills we have covered earlier on in the year. This will include addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will also learn about mass and measuring in cm. We have already practiced this skill in our lessons- using our ruler to measure items in our classroom and noting which of them are smaller/larger. 

Summer Two: Coastline

This term we are learning about the coast and thinking about the different coastline areas in Britain. We will be using the compass points of north, south, east and west to locate where places are. 

We will be doing lots of research about Whitby and tourism looking at different jobs in the past and present. 


We will then create our own hand puppets inspired by Punch and Judy at the seaside!  

For more information please look at our overview below.