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Reception - Bluebell

Welcome to Bluebell Class

Welcome to a new school year at Balliol Primary School. I hope you have all had a restful summer break and look forward to meeting you all on Monday 7th September 2020. The children will not be given a home school book at the moment due to Covid-19 however you can still keep in touch via the class email which is uk. If you have any questions or queries please do email.

 smileyMiss Fletchersmiley

Reminder about P.E

P.E. for Bluebell Class will be on a Monday

Please remember to send you Child to school wearing their P.E. kit.


Please remember to send children to school with a named water bottle each day

The school is operating a one way system - entering through the park gate and exiting the main playground gates onto Balliol Road.

Morning drop off is between 8:45- 9:15am

End of day pick up will be staggered depending on surnames. 3-3:15pm A-M surnames and 3:15-3:30pm N-Z surnames

Please use the class email  or phone the school office with any queries or concerns 


Many Thanks

The Early Years Team


Mindfulness summer challenge

Summer Holiday Learning Activity Packs.

Here are some summer holiday learning packs to support your learning over the summer break. There are three different sets, easy, medium and challenger. Please take a look and work on the pack you feel most confident with but try and have a go at the next one up as well.


Home Learning Pack Week 6 - 15.7.20 -These are also available from the school office

July Home Learning Tasks


Task 1  - 1.7.20

Morning Bluebell Class and welcome to another wicked Wednesday. Today's challenge is to get active and moving by creating your own dance. Read the story Giraffe's Can't Dance by Giles Andreae, or listen to it on youtube.

Listen to some jungle music and think about the different ways we can move when dancing. Think about the sounds you hear and the rhythm of the music, is it fast or slow (the Tempo), loud or quiet (the Pitch). It would be lovely to see your dances so why not have a go at recording them and emailing them to me on the class email      Down in the Jungle song       Monkey forest music


Have Fun

Miss Fletcher


Task 2 - 3.7.20

Welcome to Fun Friday Bluebell Class. We have been thinking about the jungle, the animals that live there and the sounds that you might hear in the jungle. You are all really good with your speaking and listening skills so today we are going to look at a jungle picture. Have a look at the picture and talk about what you can see and what you might hear if you were there in the jungle. This activity will help you develop your descriptive language and using describing words know as adjectives when talking about things in full sentences. For example, The golden snake slithers through the wavy jungle leaves.

Have a go at writing some of your sentences in your green home school work books

Have a fab Friday and enjoy your weekend

Miss Fletcher


Task 3 - 6.7.20

Morning Bluebells I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Well it is another Magic Monday and today's challenge is to create a paper chain snake. You will need some paper cut into strips (preferably 2 different colours, or if not than colour in the strips using felt tips or colouring pencils) , and some glue.

The snake is going to be a repeating pattern snake. Can you remember when we learnt about repeating patterns, it is a pattern that continues over and over, for example, A red brick, a yellow brick, a red brick, and the next colour would be a yellow brick to keep the pattern going.

Think carefully and concentrate on what coloured strip you need next as you create your snake. The second part of the challenge is that the snake needs to have 20 paperchain links for its body. So you need to use your fantastic counting skills as well. 

Have fun and I would love to see a picture of your paper chain snakes.

Miss Fletcher smiley


Task 4  - 8.7.20

Morning Bluebells and welcome to another wicked Wednesday. Today's task is all about developing our research skills and linking this with our topic focus of the jungle. What you need to do is find out about the different types of animals that live in the jungle, What they do?, What they eat? Where they live within the jungle such as the jungle floor, the trees or the canopy. 

Choose your favourite 3 and record the information in your green home learning books. You will need some of this information for Friday's task as well.

Good luck and have fun Bluebells

Miss Fletcher


Task 5 - 10.7.20

Morning Bluebell Class its Fab Friday again and today's challenge is a piece of writing about walking through the jungle. Imagine you are in the jungle going for a walk, What do you see and hear? How does it make you feel? Refer back to Wednesday's activity to give you some ideas.

Use the writing template or your green home learning books and have a look at the word bank to give you some ideas for interesting words to use in your writing. Remember to use full sentences, say the sentence out loud, count how many words are in you sentence before beginning to write. Remember capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. 

I look forward to seeing your writing and so does your new Year 1 teacher.

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Fletcher


Task 6 - 13.7.20

Morning Bluebell Class I hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed meeting your new teachers last Friday. Today's task is to write a letter to your new class teacher. Tell them what you like to do at school and at home, What your favourite food is and What you look forward to learning in Year 1. 

Remember to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Be careful with your letter formation as I know you are all doing a fantastic job with your writing. Once you have written your letter draw a picture of yourself. Save your letter so that you can give it to your new teacher in September. Miss Jennings and Mrs Gray will love to see your writing and will share and display your work.

Good luck and don't rush your writing

Enjoy the sunshine today

Miss Fletcher smiley


Task 7 - 15.7.20

Morning Bluebell Class. Today's activity is an I spy game to help us continue to be confident in recognising our phonic sounds. Have a look at the picture below and see if you can identify what each picture is, then look at the phonic diagraph and trigraph sounds and say each one out loud. Can you find objects that have these sounds in them for example sheep has the 'ee' sound in the middle.

Have a go and have fun

Don't forget our last Zoom is on Friday, if you would like to join then send me an email and I will give you the link on 

Miss Fletcher




Task 8 - 17.7.20

Morning Bluebells, I hope you all had a lovely week. Today's activity is fun but slimey, yes you guessed it we're going to make some jungle slime. Have a look at the picture below and the web link with instructions on how to make your slime. Have fun with your slime and have a fantastic summer break.

I have attached some summer holiday learning packs at the top of the class page, and they are also available from the school today.

Have a lovely weekend and stay safe over the summer and have a rest before returning to school in September.

Love Miss Fletcher




June Home Learning Tasks


Welcome back Bluebell Class, I hope you all had a lovely half term and enjoyed the break and sunshine. This week we are going to start with a writing activity linked to your half term break.


Task 1 - 1.6.20   To Create a Postcard

Think about what you have been doing over the half term and create a postcard for a friend. Think about the picture you will draw on the front and what you want to write on the back. Remember: to use your phonic skills to help you build the words in your sentence. Remember: to say the sentence out loud to yourself first and count how many words is in your sentence before writing. Remember: capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. You can use the PowerPoint about what a postcard is and how to create one as a discussion started with an adult. You can also use the postcard template and word mats for support or use a piece of paper. 

Have fun and look forward to seeing your postcards.

Take care, 

Love Miss Fletcher smiley


Task 2 - 3.6.20  Tricky word search and record

Morning Bluebells todays activity is all about our tricky words. What you need to do is choose your favourite book or a magazine and share with an adult. As you go through the book or magazine I want you to see and record how many times you see the following tricky words. See if you can have a go at the super challenge of recognising some phase 4 tricky words.

Phase 2

tricky words        

Phase 3

tricky words         

Super Challenge

Phase 4 

tricky words

the you said
to they like
I all do
no are come
go my there
into her little
  he out
  she have
  we so
  me some
  be were
  was one



Good luck and have fun 

Miss Fletcher


Task 3 - 5.6.20 

Morning Bluebells, todays activity is about developing language and writing.

Look at the picture below and think about what you can see. Talk to an adult or sibling about your thoughts to the following questions and then write your responses in your green learning books.

1.What can you see?                   2.Where might this picture have been taken?             3. Would you like to go there and why?

4.What animals can you see?           5.Where are they going/ what are they doing?                 6.What colours can you see?       7.At what time of day do you think this picture was taken?            8.Do you think it is hot or cold in the picture?


Have a good weekendsmiley

Miss Fletcher


Task 4 - 8.6.20 World Ocean Day

Good morning Bluebells I hope you all had a great weekend. Todays task is linked to the Ocean because today is World Ocean Day. What I would like you to do is to think about the ocean and what your favourite sea animal is and draw a picture. Once you have drawn you picture label all the parts of the sea animal then research and find out where it lives. Then write a description of the sea animal underneath your picture. Your favourite sea animal may be a fish, a whale, a dolphin a starfish or any other animal that lives in the sea. I can't wait to see your pictures and research so just email them to me via the class email which is

If you want to find out more about the ocean and World Ocean Day then visit


I will also be putting on the class web page a weekly learning project for you to work through at home this week. See below for the link an d more details.

Have fun Bluebells

Miss Fletcher


Task 5 - 10.6.20

Morning Bluebells hope you are having a good week even though the weather hasn't been great. Today's activity links with the Robin Hood MAT learning project which I attached on Monday and is focusing on music.

I want you to think about what your favourite piece of music is, Why is it your favourite piece? How does it make you feel when you listen to it? What instruments can you hear in the music?

Have a go at one of the learning project activities and find out about different musicians. What different types of music are there today, I will give you a clue to one as me and Mrs Juziuk like the following: R&B and one of our favourite groups of musicians are Coldplay. Miss Fletcher also likes Abba as their songs are fun, easy to sing along to and dance.

Have a great day 

Miss Fletcher


Task 6 - 12.6.20

Morning Bluebells today's task is about wellbeing. Feel Good Friday

Think about all the things that make you happy and make a list. Share what makes you happy with an adult. Then think about the things that make you feel sad or worried and talk to your adult about them. How can we take away some of these worries, well a good place to start is talking to a family member or a friend.  To help we can make our own worry jars. First find an empty jar or tin or box and decorate. Then write your worries on strips of paper and place them in your worry jar.


Also here are some more activities linked to being Safe and happy.

And also a online book about the Coronovirus for children 


Have a good weekend Bluebells

Love Miss Fletcher

Task 7 - 15.6.20

Morning Bluebells and welcome to Magical Monday. This week we are starting the topic of 'Who's the King of the Jungle'. We will be thinking about what a jungle is and learning different things about jungles and rainforests and creating different animals using a range of materials. 

I also have another MAT learning project for you to do which you can follow as we work through the jungle topic over the next couple of weeks. 

Today's task is to find out what animals live in the jungle. Research the information and then write a list in your green home learning workbooks. Next choose an animals from the jungle and see if you can create a model of it using any materials you have at home such as toys, boxes, Lego, paper etc.

Have fun and be creative Bluebells. 

Love Miss Fletcher smiley

Task 8 - 17.6.20

Morning Bluebells it's wicked Wednesday and to continue with our jungle theme I need your help in ordering these animals according to their size. Have a look at the animals, can you identify which is the smallest and which is the largest. I have attached a sheet with jungle animals which you can print and then cut out and stick into your green learning books in the correct size order. This will also help with your fine motor cutting skills. Or if you cannot print the sheet have a look at the following picture, number the animals and then write the order in which they so from smallest to largest in your green home learning books. 

Have a brilliant day

Love Miss Fletcher


Task 9 -  19.6.20

Morning Bluebells its Fad Friday. Today's task involves us using our inquiry skills to help find out key information about an animal that lives in the jungle. I want you to have a go at researching what Bears live in the jungle.

What do they eat? What do they do during the day and night? Where do they sleep? Where in the jungle do they live?

I have attached a fact sheet template which you can write your information on or create your own fact sheet/ poster and draw a picture of a bear on the page.

Or Maybe you would like to find out about another type of animal that lives in the jungle. If so have a go at creating your own fact sheet and find out the answers to the above questions for your chosen animal. Think about where we can find information and facts about different things.

Good luck with your research and have a fab Friday and good weekend.

Miss Fletcher


Task 10  - 22.6.20

Good Morning Bluebells and welcome to a Marvellous Monday. Today's task is to practice writing a letter. This week in school the children will be looking at the story Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell. Whilst at home have a read of the story or watch the story on YouTube 

Have a think about what kind of animal you would like the zoo to send you and have a go at writing a letter to the zoo asking for that animal. Why do you want that animal? Try using some describing words (adjectives) in your writing to describe why you want that animal and what it looks like. Remember when writing a letter we include our address in the top right hand corner of the page. Write your letter in your green home learning books and draw a picture of your animal to go with your letter.

Here's Miss Fletcher's Letter to the Zoo.


                                                                        Balliol school

                                                                         Balliol Road



                                                                          MK42 7ER

Dear Zoo

Please send me an Octopus. I like Octopuses because they

have long wiggly tenticals and swim in the deep blue sea.

Thank You 

Miss Fletcher


Have fun Bluebells and enjoy the sunshine.

Miss Fletcher



Task 11 - 24.6.20

Morning Bluebells it's wicked Wednesday again. Today's activity involves using our cutting skills. We are going to make some springy jungle snakes. There are two different ways we can create our snakes, either using the PDF attachment or a paper plate. First create a bright pattern on your snake and then using a pair of scissors follow the black line to create a spiral. If using a paper plate decorate first and then draw on a spiral using a black felt tip then cut along the line. To hang up your snake get some string and attach to the snakes head using glue or cellotape. Ta Da you have yourself a springy jungle snake.

Paper Plate snake instructions

Have fun creating and have fun in the sun but remember to put sun cream on and wear a hat and also to drink plenty of water. 

Stay safe

Miss Fletcher  



Task 12 - 26.6.20

Morning Bluebells and welcome to a Fab Friday again. I hope you managed to stay cool yesterday in the scorching sunshine. Today's challenge is all about positional language. Have a look at the pictures of the penguin and describe where he is. Is he under, on, in, next to, beside, on top, in front or behind.

Then have a go at the picture challenge. Can you draw the different objects next to the pictures. You can draw the picture on paper at home if you don't want to print out the sheet.

Have fun and maybe see if you can describe where your toys are in your bedroom.


Have a fun weekend and stay cool

Miss Fletcher laugh



Positional Langauge Picture Scene

Task 13 - 29.6.20

Morning Bluebells it's Magic Monday again. I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Today we are thinking about jungle sounds and jungle music. Today's challenge is to create a rain stick and create some of your own jungle music. Gather some toilet roll or kitchen roll tubes or even plastic bottles. Decorate your rain stick first then create a base for your cardboard tubes using some paper. Secure in place with an elastic band. Then fill 1/4 of your tube or bottle with pieces of pasta, rice, lentils or dried peas or seeds. Then repeat the same process for the lid as you did the base. If using a plastic bottle just attach the bottle top to secure the contents. Now your ready to make some music.  

Here are some links to types of jungle music and sounds. Just click on the links and it will take you to the YouTube video.  jungle tribe music   Monkey rainforest    Sounds of the rainforest


Have fun making your jungle rain sticks and music. And hold on to them you'll need them for Wednesdays activity as well.


Miss Fletcher

Jungle Book Suggestions

Why don't you share some stories and information books about the Jungle. Here are a few of our favourites:


Giraffe’s Can’t Dance - by Giles Andreae

Flip Flap Jungle - by Axel Scheffler

Monkey Puzzle - by Julia Donaldson

Dear Zoo – by Rod Campbell

Rumble in the Jungle – by Giles Andreae

Walking through the Jungle - by Julie Lacome

Smart Kids: Rainforests – by Roger Priddy

Rainforests ( Explore my World) – National Geographic for Kids


See if you can find some more books about the Jungle. Which is your favourite? Email me on the class page to let me know which is your favourite book. 

Home Learning Projects - MAT

This week I have uploaded a learning project produced by Robin Hood Multi Academy Trust ( ). The project covers a range of activities to do throughout the week and this week focuses on music. It gives an overview of activities that can be done for maths, phonics, reading and writing. It also has some suggestions of a weekly project and you don't have to complete each task but choose one that interests you the most. It also has a Coronavirus and returning to school discussion activity which will be good in preparing the children for when we do return to school and when reducing lockdown.


I will still continue to put activity tasks on the web page throughout the week as well.

Have fun with the project and I would love to know how you get on with it as you go through the week. 


Miss Fletcher and Mrs Juziuksmiley

Maths Songs 

Useful Web activities to support learning at home

Including Maths, Science, Computing, History and Geography

Useful Web activities to support learning at home

Including Literacy


Here is a challenge sheet with 100 different activities, I wonder how many you can do.

Internet Safety Competition

Web links to some fun activities that you can do at home - mix of science competitions - design a superhero bear - design something that will enable people to play at home during lockdown. - design a race car - childnet e-safety film competition (see internet safety competition section) - poetry competition with the theme of ‘staying at home’

May Home Learning Tasks

Task 1 - 4.5.20

Today's challenge is to go on a minibeast hunt. See if you can find the following minibeasts and take a photograph of them. Think about where you might find these minibeasts and how they live;

Butterfly                    Ladybird                            Spider                   Moth

Ant                            Caterpillar                          Bee                       Woodlouse


Good luck, have fun and keep smiling Bluebells

Miss Fletcher


Task 2 - 6.5.20

I hope you all enjoyed your minibeast hunt and now we would like you o create a minibeast poster or booklet about your favourite minibeast. Think about where they live, what they eat, how many legs do they have? Do they have antennae, wings and eyes? 

Once you have found out this information white it down on your poster or in your minibeast booklet. Include a picture or drawing of your minibeast and see if you can label the parts of their bodies. 

Have fun and remember to email me a picture of your finished pieces of work to


Task 3- 11.5.2020

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a lovely long weekend and managed to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. Today i have a Maths challenge for you. I know that you will enjoy it because I know how much you love playing 'marble game' in class.

So, here it is: ask a grown up to fill a container with a random number of objects (sweets, buttons, pebbles, anything you can find) and try to estimate how many there are and then count to check how good your estimate was. Do it for five days (grown ups need to change the number every day) and record your guesses. Are they getting better every day? 

Below you can find some questions that will help you complete this challenge. 


What do you notice?
How many can you see?
How do these objects compare with yesterday’s ones?


How many do you think there are? Why do you think that?
Will it be more or less than 20? A lot more/less? Or a little more/less?
Will it be between 15 and 20? A little or a lot more than this? Or less than this?
How many can you see? How many do you think are hidden?
Was your guess more or less than the actual count?
Was your guess very close/way out? Why do you think that was?
Can you put the estimates in order ?

Opening Out
Are there more or less than yesterday? Why do you think that?
What if we fill it up again, but with the little bears?
How many do you think will fit in the tall jar/the matchbox/the crate? Is there a quicker way to count?


Can you write your estimate on a post-it note? Can you see your number on the number track? What numbers can you see that people have written?
Were a lot of people very close/way out?

Enjoy and #makethemostofit 


Miss Fletcher

P.S Here is a little treat for you:

You can watch animated versions of our all-time favourites from Julia Donaldson here:


Task 4 13.5.2020

Hello Bluebells! I hope you are all safe and well and having a good week. I've got another challenge for you. It's all about talking and writing :) Please have a look at the picture below and try to describe it using as many different words as you can and use the sounds you know to write them down. Do you know the name of this plant? Have you seen it before? Look at it's parts. Can you find a bud, a leaf and a twig? What month/season can we usually see it bloom? What do you think it smells like? 

Don't forget to email me at


Miss Fletcher


Task 5 - 15.5.20

Afternoon Bluebells 

Time for another challenge and as it is Friday it must be fun day. What I would like you to do is to create your own minibeast model. A really good book to help you get some ideas for your minibeast is Mad about Minibeasts by Giles Andreas and David Wojtowycz. Think about what minibeast you would like to create, then think about what it needs; legs, wings, eyes, antennae, thorax, abdomen (body).

Think about what materials you would like to use to create your model. You could use Lego bricks, play dough, materials found in the garden, different sized pieces of cardboard or boxes and art/craft material or even maybe a minibeast cake. 

Ultimately have fun and get creative.

Remember to email me a picture of yourself with your minibeast to

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Fletcher


Task 6 - 18.5.20

Good morning Bluebells. I hope you all had a good weekend and enjoyed some of the sunshine. I have another activity for you today and this one is centred around writing by creating a recipe for cakes or pizza's or your favourite food. First you need to write a list of ingredients and how much you need of each one. Then you need to write your step-by-step instructions  so that a friend or Miss Fletcher can follow the recipe to create your chosen food at home. Please send a copy or pictures of your recipe to me via our class email ( as I would love to have a go at creating some amazing cakes, pizza's or other foods and create a recipe book with all your wonderful recipes for our classroom.

Have fun cooking and baking Bluebells and keep up the all the hard work with your writing skills as I know you are all doing a fantastic job.

Love Miss Fletcher


Task 7 - 20.5.20

Morning Bluebells and what a lovely morning it is with the sun shining. Today's challenge is all about sharing and I know its been a while since we looked at mathematical ways to share items.  What I would like you to do is to gather a selection of toys or household items and then look at sharing them between 2, 4, 6 and 8 then record your answers in your workbooks. For example if I had 8 apples and shared them between 4 I would have 2 apples in each group.

Have a go and see how you get on and you can always email me to show me your work or ask me any questions.

Good luck

Miss Fletchersmiley


Task 8 - 22.5.20

Good Morning Bluebells it's fun Friday again. Over the last couple of days we have been looking at developing our maths skills and todays challenge is about money. Why not have a go at creating your own shop using your toys or household items. Create some price labels for your toys and then ask your parents for some coins 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p and 20p and to play shops with you. As an extra challenge think about different ways to create amounts if you don't have the right coins, for example 5 1p coins = 5p or 2 2p coins and a 1p coin also make the value 5p. 

Have fun Bluebells and enjoy your half term and why don't you have a go at some of the half term activities that are on the web page as well.


Miss Fletcher


VE Day Celebrations - Friday 8th May 2020

To mark the 75th anniversary of VE day we have a selection of activities that you can do at home. Unfortunately we cannot go out and have a party but we can recreate one in our homes. English Heritage have a VE Day at home party pack with different ideas including food recipes.

You can make bunting to put up around the home and twinkl offer a range of different types and other activities such as word searches, missing number medal worksheets and PowerPoints to help learn more about VE Day and what it meant to people in this country.

Baker Ross are also offering free bunting downloads 


How about trying to make some British fairy cakes. Create your fairy cakes using your favourite flavours it might be vanilla, chocolate or even chocolate chip then try creating the Union Jack Flag on top using coloured icing.


Please send in your photos of your VE Day celebrations I would love to see what fun you have been having at home.

#staysafe   #havefun    #keeponsmiling

Love Miss Fletcher  smileyyes 




Home Learning School Tasks - March 2020

Dear All

Thank you for all your support at the moment during these unusual circumstances. As stated in the letter from Mrs Youngman about the children working from home the children need to complete a piece of work from their phonics book daily, read daily and work through their maths and handwriting packs. We will also be putting additional work for the children to do at home on this page 3x a week. This work is to be completed in their green home learning book unless stated otherwise. 

Class email: 


Task One - 23.3.20

Light Refraction Experiment

A simple but fun experiment using everyday objects. For a step by step guide visit the 'Look were Learning website'

Talk with your Child about what happens during their experiment and record in their green learning books. Also take a photograph of your completed experiment and email it to the class email address so I can see the children's work.


Task 2 - 25.3.20

Write a secret message for a superhero

Think of a message you would like to write to a superhero then using invisible ink write it down on a piece of paper. Then show a friend how you created your message and how to make it reappear.


Task 3 - 27.3.20

Create a story about a Superhero using a story map.

Think about your favourite Superhero and make up an adventure story using a story map. Draw your story map to help you tell the story. Act out your story to your mum or dad or brothers and sisters using the connective actions once upon a time, first, next, after that, finally and the end. Then write your story in your green school work books. Remember to use your phonics to support writing your words and remember capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

Have fun writing your story and I look forward to reading your story when we are all back at school.


Task 4 - 30.3.20

Happy Monday everyone! It is time for another task :)

Research Spring - What are the signs of springs? What happens to the animals? Can you name any plants/ flowers? How does the weather change in Spring? Write a list of the things you find out. Maybe when it's sunny outside you can go for a walk (make sure you stay safe) and find any signs of Spring? Please send me photos/ videos to our class email.I would love to see them!!! 

If there is anything else you are doing and would like to share with me, we'd love to see it. Send me photos of your work/ creations or even just what you are up to. Let's keep in touch :) 



Hi everyone! I hope you are all well and staying safe this beautiful morning. Do you fancy a virtual tour of our Kempston fire station? If so, click on the link below. I watched it and think it's great :) I also thought it would be great if you made a safety poster to show what you have learnt from the video.

Here is the link:

Have fun and don't forget to email your work so I can have a look :)


Task 5 - 1.4.20

Spring photo

Look at the picture carefully and talk to an adult about the things you can see. What colours can you see? What can you see in the water? Where might this be?

Write your responses in your green home workbooks. Remember when writing sentences we need a capital letter at the beginning, finger spaces and a full stop at the end. Oh and don't forget to use your phonics to help you spell your words.

Have fun my Brilliant Bluebells

Love Miss Fletcher smiley


Hello to Fun Friday

Task 6 - 3.4.20

Create a picture of a spring flower using different materials.

Using the materials you have at home create a spring flower. You might want to create a collage effect or make it 3D. Think about the type of flower you want to create and the materials you need.

Once you have created your flower take a photograph and then email it to me so I can see your lovely work using the class email which is at the top of our class page. 


Fun Friday Challenge

Good Luck Bluebells smiley


6.4.2020 Happy Monday !!! Here's another fun challenge for you. Good luck and don't forget to email me! I'd love to see what you find. Stay safe Bluebells!  #lovereading #lovebooks



7.4. 2020   Hello everyone! I hope you are well on this lovely spring day! I have a phonics challenge for you today. Find as many objects with 'sh' and 'ch' in your house and garden as you can and write them down as a list!!  Email me your work so I can see how you did :) 

 #stayathomeanddophonics #phonicschallenge



Hello Bluebells! Happy Monday again! I hope you had a lovely Easter and didn't eat too much chocolate smiley I also hope your ready for another challenge. Remember when we learnt about 3D shapes just before the school closed? Do you remember our 3D shapes song? Mrs Juziuk and I thought it would be great if you could build a model of a 3D shape and email a photo to us. We know that getting craft resources can be quite tricky right know but we thought you could be creative - use sticks from your garden and some play dough, food, toys anything you can find at home- the more creative the better. We are very excited to see what you come up with. 

Below is a link to a very easy (and tested) play dough recipe, in case you feel like making some. Have fun and don't forget to email us - it always makes us smile! Have a lovely day! 


Miss Fletcher

Play dough link:

3D shape song:


Good Morning Bluebells 

It has been lovely to see some of your 3D shape models that you created and emailed to me via our class email. Don't forget you can always email me to let me know what you have been doing at home and send pictures. Or you might even have a question about the work or workbooks we put on the class page for you to complete so just send an email and we will help you.


Task 8 - 22.4.20

As we focus on maths this week your challenge is to gather a range of materials/items from around your home and then sort them according  to size and weight. Order from the smallest to the tallest and then handle the items to see which ones are the lightest and which are the heaviest. Take photographs and then email them to me so I can see your fantastic work.

Good luck and have fun

Love Miss Fletcher


Morning Everyone

Task 9 - 24.4.20

Today's challenge is to create a repeating pattern using 2D shapes. You might like to use a circle, square, triangle or rectangle. Record your repeating pattern by drawing it in your green workbooks.

Good luck and have a fun Friday.

Miss Fletcher


Task 10 27.4.20

Hi everyone! I hope you had a lovely weekend and are ready for your new challenge 

Today I have a bit of Phonics fun for you. Play "I Spy" and write down everything you find. Have fun and don't forget to email your work 


Miss Fletcher

Task 11 29.4.20 

Good morning! I hope you are all ok this morning. Since the weather is not great today, I thought you would love to snuggle up with some books and complete this next challenge 

Can you look in a book and find any of these words? Which words did you spot the most times?

he she we me be you all are her was they my

How many of these words can you spell without looking? How many can you write down in 1 minute? Ask an adult to put a timer on for you. Don't forget to email and tell me how you got on.

Have a lovely day!

Love. Miss Fletcher


Task 12 - 1.5.20

Good morning again and happy Friday! I hope you're all keeping safe and have had a great week full of learning and playing. Today I would like you to have a go at writing an acrostic poem. It's easy! You just have to come up with a word for each letter and they don't have to rhyme. I would also like to publish them for everyone to see (with your permission, of course). I think it would be very exciting. The word for your acrostic poem is.........











Have fun!!! 


Miss Fletcher


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