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Reception - Bluebell

Home Learning School Tasks - March 2020

Dear All

Thank you for all your support at the moment during these unusual circumstances. As stated in the letter from Mrs Youngman about the children working from home the children need to complete a piece of work from their phonics book daily, read daily and work through their maths and handwriting packs. We will also be putting additional work for the children to do at home on this page 3x a week. This work is to be completed in their green home learning book unless stated otherwise. 

Class email: 


Task One - 23.3.20

Light Refraction Experiment

A simple but fun experiment using everyday objects. For a step by step guide visit the 'Look were Learning website'

Talk with your Child about what happens during their experiment and record in their green learning books. Also take a photograph of your completed experiment and email it to the class email address so I can see the children's work.


Task 2 - 25.3.20

Write a secret message for a superhero

Think of a message you would like to write to a superhero then using invisible ink write it down on a piece of paper. Then show a friend how you created your message and how to make it reappear.


Task 3 - 27.3.20

Create a story about a Superhero using a story map.

Think about your favourite Superhero and make up an adventure story using a story map. Draw your story map to help you tell the story. Act out your story to your mum or dad or brothers and sisters using the connective actions once upon a time, first, next, after that, finally and the end. Then write your story in your green school work books. Remember to use your phonics to support writing your words and remember capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

Have fun writing your story and I look forward to reading your story when we are all back at school.


Task 4 - 30.3.20

Happy Monday everyone! It is time for another task :)

Research Spring - What are the signs of springs? What happens to the animals? Can you name any plants/ flowers? How does the weather change in Spring? Write a list of the things you find out. Maybe when it's sunny outside you can go for a walk (make sure you stay safe) and find any signs of Spring? Please send me photos/ videos to our class email.I would love to see them!!! 

If there is anything else you are doing and would like to share with me, we'd love to see it. Send me photos of your work/ creations or even just what you are up to. Let's keep in touch :) 



Hi everyone! I hope you are all well and staying safe this beautiful morning. Do you fancy a virtual tour of our Kempston fire station? If so, click on the link below. I watched it and think it's great :) I also thought it would be great if you made a safety poster to show what you have learnt from the video.

Here is the link:

Have fun and don't forget to email your work so I can have a look :)


Task 5 - 1.4.20

Spring photo

Look at the picture carefully and talk to an adult about the things you can see. What colours can you see? What can you see in the water? Where might this be?

Write your responses in your green home workbooks. Remember when writing sentences we need a capital letter at the beginning, finger spaces and a full stop at the end. Oh and don't forget to use your phonics to help you spell your words.

Have fun my Brilliant Bluebells

Love Miss Fletcher smiley


Hello to Fun Friday

Task 6 - 3.4.20

Create a picture of a spring flower using different materials.

Using the materials you have at home create a spring flower. You might want to create a collage effect or make it 3D. Think about the type of flower you want to create and the materials you need.

Once you have created your flower take a photograph and then email it to me so I can see your lovely work using the class email which is at the top of our class page. 


Fun Friday Challenge

Good Luck Bluebells smiley


6.4.2020 Happy Monday !!! Here's another fun challenge for you. Good luck and don't forget to email me! I'd love to see what you find. Stay safe Bluebells!  #lovereading #lovebooks



7.4. 2020   Hello everyone! I hope you are well on this lovely spring day! I have a phonics challenge for you today. Find as many objects with 'sh' and 'ch' in your house and garden as you can and write them down as a list!!  Email me your work so I can see how you did :) 

 #stayathomeanddophonics #phonicschallenge





Welcome to Bluebell Class

Dear Bluebell Class thank you for visiting our class page. We will try and put things on weekly to keep you up to date with what we are learning. Look out for our weekly note and class challenge.

Remember your e-safety rules before clicking on any of the internet links on this page. For more information on how to stay safe, visit the e-safety page.

Parents Section

General Class Information:

  • Class Teacher: Miss Fletcher
  • PPA Cover: Miss Woodward
  • Other adults in Bluebell Class: Mrs Evans, Mr Pope, Miss Matvei
  • P.E. is on  Friday


Please remember to bring Home school and Reading Books/Reading records to school everyday. Please remember that water bottles should only contain water. Children have a piece of fruit everyday during snack time but if you wish to provide your Child with their own snack please make sure these are only healthy options.

Autumn 1 Topic - Who Am I? (All About Me and the World)


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Spring 1 Topic - Did dragons exist?


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