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Pre-School - Daisy

Welcome to everyone joining Daisy Class this year. We hope you will have fun with us this year and on this page we will tell you about the different topics we will be working on and how you can get involved.
Autumn 1   This half term is a great time for the children to explore the changing colours  of the Autumn season. We are starting off with a story called 'Brown Bear Brown Bear' then as the leaves start to turn we will be looking at the colours in nature.  Brown Bear Brown Bear is a very simple story that the children learn to join in with very quickly. I'm sure the library will have copies if you want to share the story at home with your child. On the walk to school you could talk about the different colour cars or door you can spot. A nature collage is always a fun thing to make.  The children will be learning two simple songs 'Baa Baa Black Sheep and Twinkle Twinkle little Star. If the children do any pieces of work at home  please bring them in to show us we love seeing their work and celebrating how clever they are. 
Thank you for the family photos we have had in so far. Please keep them coming the children love to look at them on the wall.

PUMPKIN PARTY    Daisy Class will be having a Pumpkin Party after school from 3.30-5pm on Thursday 31st October.  It will be £3 per child. We will be having lots of fun pumpkin activities and food.  Your child can come in fancy dress if they like. 

Please let a member of staff know if you would like your child to come

Autumn News from the Growing Garden- The children did a great job through last summer term tending to our vegetables and we had some good results before the holiday. There where lots of little tomatoes and the herbs enjoyed the warm weather and lots of water. We had some bees take up residence in our bug hotel and our sunflower grew very tall. Since coming back to school we have harvested the sunflower seeds and they are ready for planting in the spring. Our pumpkin patch produced lots of lovely yellow flowers and fruit but sadly each pumpkin fell off when it got to tennis ball size. Not sure why but we will try again next year. The birds are using the feeding station regularly and we will make seeds cakes as the weather gets colder to keep them happy through the winter. All of this fantastic learning has only been possible  thanks to your fund raising efforts last Easter so a huge thank you form all the staff and children. smiley
Autumn Term 2-  This term is all about Families and Celebrations. Our story is called Owl Babies, again it is a simple story that the children can join in with. Our songs to start the term will be Incy Wincy Spider and 5 Little Men in  a Flying Saucer. We will move onto Christmas songs nearer December. We have had more family photos so thank you,keep sending them in. Birthdays weddings festivals and family celebration photos would be great. If you want to email them pop in and we will give you and address to send them to.

PUMPKIN PARTY- Thank you to everyone for supporting the Pumpkin Party we hope the children had a great time. A special thanks to Jake's Nanny for making us a wonderful spider cake it was yummy

  CHRISTMAS-  with a busy festive season for all of us approaching I thought I would just remind you so some date for Daisy Class events   The school Christmas fete is on Friday 6th December after school in the main hall. We will be there with an assortment of Christmas goodies so come along if you can. Wednesday 13th is the Early Years Christmas Concert. There will be morning and afternoon performances you are welcome to come and watch. Times to follow. Monday the 16th  is Party day all children are welcome to attend that day. If you have any questions please pop in and see me or give me a call or drop me an email,  thanks Mrs Dalton
AS PROMISED   Times for the Christmas concerts are 9.15 for the morning on Wednesday 11th and 2.20 for the afternoon.
 If you are celebrating Christmas why not send us a photo of your tree. We have a special board for them and the children love to look at them and talk about what they can see. You can email them to me  I look forward to seeing your creations.

TICKETS   We have now been told that tickets need to be obtained for our concert on Wednesday 11th December. You can get them from the main school office. Sorry for any confusion about this. If you have any questions please pop in see me.

Thank you

Mrs Dalton

Thank You for supporting the children with all their Christmas activities, we hope they have all had a great time. We would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and look forward to seeing you back in school on Monday 6th January




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