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Pre-School - Daisy

Welcome to everyone joining Daisy Class this year. We hope you will have fun with us this year and on this page we will tell you about the different topics we will be working on and how you can get involved.



Remember your e-safety rules before clicking on any of the internet links on this page. For more information on how to stay safe, visit the e-safety page.

Autumn first half term.  

This terms topic is called 'Here comes Autumn'  In it we will be looking at colours and how nature changes as Autumn develops.

We will be concentrating on one story  Brown Bear Brown Bear by Bill Martin and Eric Carle. It is a lovely repetitive story that the children will pick and start to join in with very quickly. As the term progresses we will look at the colours of leaves and the animals who we might see. 



Autumn 2 Topic – What do you celebrate?

This term we are very lucky as there are lots of festivals to celebrate. We will be looking at Diwali Bonfire night then moving into Christmas. If you have anything you would like to share with us about your celebrations at home please come and see us in Pre School


Here are some useful websites to visit:

Spring 1 Topic - Winter Wonderland

With the weather turning colder this is a great topic to look at all things snowy. Keeping warm is key so the children will be set a challenge of putting their own coats on and taking them off. Our story is all about Spots Snowy Day. The children will become familiar with it quickly and there is lots of new vocabulary in it. 


Here are some useful websites to visit:

Picture 1 we designed our own hats and scarves

We enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year by making a pig mask and having Chinese food for our snack


February half term challenge

Now the children are very good at taking their own coats off and hanging them up it is time for phase 2!   We would like the children to be able to put their own coat on. It doesn't matter if they can not do it up. Good luck 

Spring term 2  Topic

For the first part of this term we will be looking at a story called Goat goes to Playgroup. We will be encouraging the children to tell us all the things they love about coming to school and some of the new things they would like to try. There may things that they are not sure of or worried about when they come to school and we can help them with this. 

There are the important celebrations of Mothers Day and Easter. Hopefully the weather will start to warm and we can get all our vegetable and flower seeds planted too.

If you need to increase or change your child's sessions for after Easter please speak to me and I will do my best to give you the sessions you need but we are very full  Thank you Mrs Dalton
Don't forget to pop in and book your parents evening consultation appointment with your child's key worker for next week.  If you are unable to get in please just give us a call and we can sort it out for you. Regards Mrs Dalton

Fabulous daffodils in our fantastic February sunshine

Fabulous daffodils in our fantastic February sunshine 1

World Book Day

This is on Thursday March 7th. The children can come to school dressed as their favourite book character. We  forward to seeing what you come up with.


Thank you for supporting World Book Day everyone looked great

Thank you for supporting World Book Day everyone looked great 1
Thank you for supporting World Book Day everyone looked great 2
Thank you for supporting World Book Day everyone looked great 3

We made biscuits for Red Nose day and added red noses to our pictures

We made biscuits for Red Nose day and added red noses to our pictures 1
We made biscuits for Red Nose day and added red noses to our pictures 2
We made biscuits for Red Nose day and added red noses to our pictures 3


To everyone for supporting our Easter fund raising, you raised £67 which combined with the cake sale and Christmas Fayre fund raising gives us enough money to get everything we need to make our nature and growing area.

Once everything is in place we will invite you to come along and have a look.

Have a lovely Easter break and we will see you back in school on Tuesday 23rd April


Update on our garden project

Thanks to your wonderful efforts with the Easter fundraising we have now purchased everything we need for our garden project. It is only the bird table that we couldn't get but hope fully we can solve that problem soon. The children have filled up the bird feeds and are keep a close eye out for visitors. The herbs are planted and the child are watering them daily.  Tomatoes to are in. The children planted their sunflower seeds this week and they are growing at an amazing rate. The pumpkins are making good progress, if anyone knows of a good feed for them please let me know as the bigger the better.  We just have the vegetable trugg to sort out and them we will invite you to come and have a look at our efforts and share cake of course! When the rain stops I will take some photos and put them on for you to see.

Welcome back from a weeks break. Our topic this term is  'Here comes Summer' We would like to have a photo board showing all the different ways you and your family enjoy Summer time. It could be eating ice cream wearing shorts and t shirts  having a picnic going on holiday splashing in water I'm sure you can think of loads more.  You can send a photo in with your child or email me at school jane.dalton@balliolschool  

WOW  all our plants are growing very quickly now and we have guests in the bug hotel!!

We are starting transition visits for those children who will be joining Poppy Class in September this week so your child may come home and tell you they have been to a new class. If you have any questions about the transfer please just pop in and see me.Thanks Mrs Dalton
We have 2 new members of Daisy Class. At the moment they don't have names but if the children would like to suggest 2 names and put them on a pieces of paper we will gather then up put them in  a hat and draw 2 out on July 1st.  The white one has an orange spot on its head and the gold one has a black one.                       
Thank you for the summer photos we have had so far the board is looking great if you would like to pop in and see it please do. We still have room for more. 


Sports for us will be on Tuesday 2nd July

There will be a morning and afternoon one. (Times to follow)

If Tuesdays are not your child's normal day they are welcome to joins> no charge for this

Just let a member of staff know which session you will be attending

Please join us back in the class for refreshments after racing

Thank You


SPORTS DAY TIMES   Morning 9.15 start and afternoon 1.45
We had fun on ARTS DAY.  We all made hand prints that will go to make our tree showing our school values. We will be painting pebbles for the path that the rest of the school have done. We also used our hands ton explore the jelly bath !!

Arts Day

Arts Day 1
Arts Day 2