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Pre-School - Daisy

Hi everyone welcome to our class page. Its been lovely meeting our new families and we look forward to working together in the coming months. On this page I will be posting regular updates about our topic and what we have been doing in the classroom each week. There will also be ideas to try out at home. If you need to contact me at any time please email me at
Week beginning  7th September   This week we will be exploring the story 'Why we can't hug' All the classes in school will be doing the same to hopefully help the children understand more about the changes covid19 has made to out lives at the moment. 

Tuesday 8th September  Hi everyone just a quick update. The children are settling really well, there are a few tears which is all normal and it will ease. The weather is being very kind to us and we are outside as much as possible. The children are becoming used to our routines washing their hands as soon as they come in joining in with snack time and song time. I am having some problems with my daisy class email but you can always phone if you want a chat. I am here from 8oclock. For the time being we can not use the yellow home school books that some of you might have we are waiting for guidance on them so again call or email if you need anything

take care Mrs Dalton


Wednesday 9th Sept  Well the weather is holding out so we are making the most of it and spending alot of time outside. The sand has been very popular today. Filling up old saucepans and teapots has proved a great game. Todays snack was milk/water carrot and apple.We are singing just a couple of songs with the children at the moment they are the wheels on the bus, twinkle twinkle and clap your hands and wriggle your fingers.  Painting with the dabbers dancing to nursery rhymes doing simple inset puzzles are just a few of the things we have been up to. We hope you have all had a good day to


Thursday 10th Sept Hi all. Another busy day in Daisy Class. The children have been experimenting with stickers and glue sticks today. Lots of mess but lots of fun. Building towers with the blocks and knocking them down was noisy great to watch,  climbing and sliding in the garden and watching out for helicopters and aeroplanes too. Luckily we are on the flight path from Luton!  Snack today was bread sticks oranges and banana with milk or water it good to see the children getting the hang of the straws in the milk. Washing our hands l is a big part of our day and the children are quickly getting into the routines

see you tomorrow

Mrs D

Friday 11th Sept  Well you have done your first week I hope it hasn't been to stressful for you. Your children have been amazing and are settling so well all the staff are commenting on what a lovely group they are turning out to be. There are some lovely friendships starting already. Today we have had out magnetic blocks, farm animal inset puzzles, painting, small world figures with houses cars and garages, mark making, stickers and glue to name but a few. In the garden the children have been playing hide and seek and hunting for spiders. Its a great time of year for that.  

have a lovely weekend see you all next week

Mrs D

Monday 14th September Hi everyone hope you all had a good weekend. With the sun being very warm we played out all morning and had lots of fun in the water but it was too hot this afternoon so we brought the water inside and stayed in. We had fun racing the wind  up toys across the table and watching the fall off. The children have also been using the peg boards, mark making on the writing wall, building towers with the blocks, exploring with the musical instruments. Some of us had a little nap we must have had a busy weekend.

see you tomorrow

Mrs D

Tuesday 15th September   Wow what a hot day. Again most of our outdoor play was done this morning as it is a bit too warm for the little ones this afternoon. Please can you remember to send back your funding forms by 25th of this month otherwise your sessions will become chargeable         The children have all have a go with a shopping game today, putting their favourite things in a shopping basket. For snack today we have had apple orange shreddies milk or water. 

a cooler day tomorrow see you then

Mrs D

Friday 18th September  The children have been busy today printing with the cars in trays of paint. it makes great patterns. We have looked at lots of books together, animal stories have been popular especially the ones with flaps to look under. Outside we have been mark making with chalks watering the plants and chasing each other. The children are really getting the hang of the class routines and most of us come and sit down straight away when they know its story time. The rest will get to it soon. At snack time the children know that they need to be sitting down round the table with their friends to try the different things we have each day. We are also getting to know what they like and maybe are not so sure of.  Another super week in Daisy Class. Next week we move onto our topic on Colour. We will be starting our story Brown Bear Brown Bear which is up on the fence as you come in. 

Hope you have a great  weekend

Mrs D

Friday 25th September The end of another busy week. We introduced a new story to them this week. Its called Brown Bear Brown Bear.

A very simple story but one that they quickly learn to join in with and we can see this from some of the children already.  They have been using up lots of energy playing hide and seek and chasing the daddy long legs round the garden. The sand and mud kitchen have been popular as have the bikes. Some of the children are very skilled already on them. Just a couple of reminders. Can you all please make sure you put nappy sacks and wipes in their bags and that their coats are named, we tend to get a few the same. The children have been doing lots of painting printing and collage this week helping us to make pictures to hang up in the classroom. Once they are finished I will photograph them and put them on this page. 

Oh yes please send in your family photo for our family board. We have had a couple already and the children love to look at them.

have a good weekend 

Mrs D

Friday 2 October  Hello everyone. The weather seems to have turned now so please try and make sure  your child is wearing a warm waterproof coat  to school. We will go out in all weathers so if you want to have wellies in school for your child to wear that's great. Please can you make sure that all items of clothing are named because children at this young age don't always recognise what is theirs. Taking off and putting on their own coats is an important step to developing their independence so we will be encourging them to do so at school. If you can do the same at home they will achieve the goal much quicker. 

The children are really enjoying our story Brown Bear and lots of them are joining in with the words and shouting out what animals they can see. Our Brown Bear  display is nearly complete so I will photograph it for you to see.  We are continuing to try and find ways to share with you what the children have been doing whilst sticking to the covid rules. With this in mind we have started a gallery on the fence outside the classroom door. On it you will find various photos and pieces of work that the children have been doing. We will rotate the work weekly to make sure everyone gets a turn.

Have a good weekend 

Mrs D

Friday 9th October Hi everybody the weeks seem to be whizzing passed, its hard to believe we are into October already. The children have had another busy week. It has been great to hear so many children chanting the Brown Bear story to themselves as they are playing. Lots of them are asking us to read the story to them through out the day. We have finished the display and I have put a copy of it on the wooden fence as you come in. 

I have had a couple of family photos in for our family board the those children enjoy looking at them, if everyone could send one in that would be great. You can email them to me and I will print and laminate it. 

have a good weekend I hope it will be a bit drier than the last one

Mrs D

Friday 23rd October   Well it has been a very busy half term and its great to see the children all settled now and having a great time. We rounded off with a Pumpkin Friday today and the children helped to scoop out a pumpkin and colour some pictures. The orange play dough went down very well and we were treated to lots of play dough cakes. 

After half term we a re moving onto a story  called Oliver's Vegetables. you can find the story on youtube if you want to have a look.

We hope you all have a safe and fun week and look forward to seeing you all back at school on Tuesday 3rd November