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Year 5 - Falcon

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Remember your e-safety rules before clicking on any of the internet links on this page. For more information on how to stay safe, visit the e-safety page.


Welcome Falcons!


I am extremely excited to be back to normal for the Summer term! I cannot wait to see what we can achieve as we finish off the year. 


If you have any questions please email me on our class email address -

General Information


Class Teacher - Mr Dalton

Other Adults - Miss Houghton, Miss Palmer

P.E - Monday, Wednesday. Under our COVID-19 policy all P.E will be outdoor and on P.E days children must come to school in their kit.  Please ensure correct Balliol P.E kit is worn along with dark hoodies and tracksuit bottoms for the cold winter months. Children MUST have appropriate trainers for outdoor lessons.


Weekly Homework Information


Under the new Covid-19 policies we are unable to send homework planners home with children. Due to this,  we are asking this year for parents to email us weekly on the class email ( to inform us of the continuous homework (spelling, reading and timestables practice) children are doing at home. This will be tracked and referred to during parent consultations while other homework will be tracked by us. 


Continuous Homework


- Spelling. Practice daily. Children will receive personalised spelling to practise in school but we are unable to send these home. Their spellings will instead be posted on here with homework each week and they can practise them at home. Children may also wish to use SpellingFrame to practise any spelling patterns they find difficult. 


- Reading. 15+ minutes daily. Your child will have a school book they can read at home; when finished this book can be returned and swapped but only on a Friday. Please question your child about what they have read. A copy of our comprehension scheme with example questions is posted below.


- Timestables. Practice as often as possible (daily). TTRockstars is a great way to do this.


Resources for these can be found below.


Set Homework


-Homework Books, Set every week (Maths one week, English the next) on a Friday. In for the following Friday. These books are extremely precious and it is important they are kept safe and neat. The tasks set in them will link with the weeks work.


- MyMaths, Set every week on a Friday. In for the following Friday. These tasks are important as they link with and consolidate the weeks maths lessons.


- Topic Task, Set as appropriate.


- Examples of other optional home learning tasks may be found on our termly topic news letters.

Spelling Homework

Key Words 1

Key Words 2

Year 3 and 4 Spelling Words

Year 5 and 6 Spelling Words

Spelling Practice Activities

Spelling Practice - Spelling Frame

This does not replace the children's weekly spelling words but is an extra tool that they can use to revise any spellings in a fun way.

Reading Homework

Comprehension Scheme - Reading VIPERS

Timestables Homework
Timestables Practice - TTRockstars
Timestables Practice - Tests

Maths Practice - Written Methods

A breakdown of the written methods for: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, that we teach at Balliol can be found in the front of the children's homework planners and there are video links below to show the steps to each method. 

Most of the video links are American, with slightly different vocabulary than the children are used to, but they present each method well. 


Homework Set - Friday 16th April Due In - Friday 23rd April

Homework Set - Friday 26th November Due In - Friday 4th December

Homework Set - Friday 20th November Due In - Friday 27th November

Maths Homework Book - Pages 16 to 22 - Multiples, Factors, Prime Numbers, Square Numbers, Multiplying by 10, 100 and 100, Dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.
English Homework Book - Page 30 - Past and Present and Pages 33, 34, 35 - Standard English

Homework Set - Friday 6th November Due In - Friday 13th November

Maths Homework Book - Pages 72 and 73 - Tables and Timetables

Half-term Homework Set - Friday 23rd October Due In - Friday 6th November

Maths Homework Book - Pages 70 and 71 - Line Graphs      English Homework Book Pages - 57 to 59 - Apostrophes for Possession 

Homework Set - Friday 16th October Due In - Friday 23th October

Maths Homework Book - Pages 10 to 15 - Rounding, Roman Numerals, Addition and Subtraction.

Homework Set - Friday 9th October Due In - Friday 16th October

English Homework Book - Pages 52 to 55 - Parenthesis

Homework Set - Friday 2nd October Due In - Friday 9th October

Maths Homework Book - Pages 6 and 9 - Counting Backwards Through 0 and Counting in Powers of 10 

Homework Set - Friday 25th September Due In - Friday 2nd October

English Homework Book - Pages 21 and 36 - Co-ordinating Conjunctions and Capital Letters, Full Stops

Homework Set - Friday 18th September Due In - Friday 25th September


Maths Homework Book - Pages 7 and 8 - Place Value in Big Numbers and Comparing and Ordering Big Numbers

Weekly Spellings - 21/09/20

Homework Set - Friday 11th September Due In - Friday 18th September