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Summer 2 Splendid Skies

What is my child learning at school? 


Please click below to see our curriculum overview documents for this half term:

Week beginning 3.6.24

This week we started our new topic called ‘Splendid Skies’. In English, we read lots of non-fiction books and learned all about the weather. In maths, we learned about position and direction. We explored quarter turns, half turns, three-quarter turns, full turns, clockwise, anticlockwise, left and right. In geography, we took part in national fieldwork week. We used 3x3 array grids to look more closely to see what was growing in our outside area. We also did a colour scavenger hunt. In geography, we also kept a class weather diary and had a go at becoming weather forecasters. In art and design, made some pictures inspired by rain, rainbows, sunshine and thunderstorms. In science, we learned all about the four seasons and had a think about how the seasonal weather changed clothes what we should wear. We also worked really hard on our phonics and completed the National Year One phonic screen test.

We went outside for a colour scavenger hunt. Here's what we found:

Week Commencing 13th June 2022

This week we read lots more information books with a special focus on weather and rainbows. We had a go at writing down some explanation texts and made a class book. In maths, we explored number and place value. We worked on counting forwards and backwards to 100 and beyond. We then worked on finding these numbers on a hundred square using our tens and ones knowledge to help us. In geography, we learned about extreme weather and what weather is associated with different seasons. In science, we explored the wind. We made lots of wind toys and explored wind direction. In history, we learned all about Sir Francis Beaufort and the strength of wind scale that he created to help ships understand wind conditions.

Week Commencing 20th  June 2022

This week we lots of different versions of Jack and the Beanstalk. We explored the main characters, story settings and the main events. We had a go at writing the story from memory. In maths, we explored place value. We worked on comparing and ordering numbers by looking at the tens and ones. In science, we learned all about the rain. We made our own rain gauges and kept track over the week of the rainfall. In geography, we learned about aerial views. We had a go at looking at an aerial view of Balliol and labelling different features. In art, we learned all about Berndnaut Smilde. We focussed on the cloud instillations and then had a go at making our own cloud dough using cornflower and water. On Tuesday, we celebrated world music day. We focused on composing, rehearsing and performing. We made up our own rhythmic compositions using body percussion. We also made up our own pitched compositions using the glockenspiels.


Week Commencing 27th  June 2022

This week we read another traditional tale called ‘Chicken Licken’. We enjoyed spotting all of the rhyming words and describing the main character. We read different versions to see what was similar and what was different. We then had a go at writing one of the versions from memory. We also wrote letters to our new year two teachers so that we could tell them all about us and what we like and dislike. In maths, we learned all about money. We explored the value of different coins and how to add them together. We also explored paper money and exchanging coins e.g. five 2ps for one 10p. In science, we measured the temperature over the week and kept track of it so that we could see which day was hottest and coldest. We explored shadows and had fun making shadow puppets using paper and our hand shapes. We also explored the effects of the sun using colour changing UV beads and sun reactive paper. In geography, we learned about the equator. We used an atlas to look to see which countries were closer to the equator and hotter and which were further away from the equator and colder. In art, we used transient art and collage techniques to make some seasonal tree inspired artwork.

Week Commencing 4th  July 2022

This week we read ‘Once Upon a Time’ by Nick Sharratt. We had lots of fun changing the pictures in the book to change the story. We had a go at planning and writing our own versions. We also read the books ‘You Choose Fairy tales Edition’ and ‘Mixed up Fairy Tales’ by Hilary Robinson. We had lots of fun class discussions. In maths, we learned all about time. We explored our daily routines and using the time language of before, after, morning, afternoon, evening etc. We also explored telling the time to o’clock and half past. In the afternoons, we worked on our innovation challenge. In science and geography, we made a class weather station, carried out fieldwork to decide where to place it, made films to explain how to use it and monitored the weather over the week.