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Here are some useful links: 

Woodlands Literacy Zone - Interactive English Games - (

Spelling and Grammar, English Games for 7-11 Years - Topmarks

KS2 English - BBC Bitesize

Conjunctions | SPaG | Year 3 - YouTube 

🆕Expanded Noun Phrases KS2 👉 in 2 MINUTES | A Must Watch! - YouTube


Some other areas:

  • punctuation (full stops, commas, capital letters and inverted commas)
  • Nouns- (a person, place, thing or object.)
  • Verb – (an action word)
  • Adjectives (describing nouns e.g. The red bus.)
  • adverbs (describes how a verb is being completed- e.g. The door slowly opened.)
  • prefixes ( adding something to start of the word to change meaning- happy to unhappy)

Autumn 1 - Instructions 


We have written our own set of instructions for making a Greek Salad. We needed to include: 

- A title 

- An introduction and a conclusion 

- Subheadings 

- Imperative verbs

- Time Connectives

- Adverbs 


Here is our final product smiley