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Musical Theatre


Please use the tracks below to help you rehearse at home. If you are in the ensemble, please practice;

* Arabian Nights (remember which group you are)

* One Jump 

* Friend like me

* Prince Ali 


Mrs Bicknell :) 

01 Overture _ Arabian Nights.mp3

06 One Jump Ahead (Reprise) _ Proud of Your Boy.mp3

One Jump reprise (Proud of your Boy) - Audition Aladdin

08 These Palace Walls.mp3

These Palace Walls - Audition for Jasmine's friends

19 Friend Like Me.mp3

Friend like me - Audition Genie

23 Prince Ali.mp3

26 A Whole New World.mp3

A Whole New World - Audition Aladdin and Jasmine

28 High Adventure.mp3

High Adventure - Aladdin's Friends audition