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Uniform Information

At Balliol, we take pride in our blue uniform. If shows us that we all belong to the same school and we encourage all our children to feel proud to wear it.


Although we hold no uniform stock on the premises to sell, we may have sample sizes of jumpers in the main school office. 


Most uniform can be bought locally at different stores. Alternatively, you can order all of your school uniform and book bags with the embroidered logo at our My Clothing uniform site or Prestige site for Years 5 and 6.

Nursery to Year 4 School Uniform Guidance


  • Blue jumper or cardigan (plain or with the school logo on)
  • While or blue polo shirt
  • Grey or black trousers, dress or skirt
  • Tights should be black
  • Socks should be black, grey or white
  • Shoes should be black

Nursery to Year 4 PE Kit Guidance


  • White T-shirt and black or navy blue shorts
  • Plimsoles/trainers
  • Tracksuits for colder weather ( Blue/Black/dark Colour)


PE Kit should be plain in colour and not patterned. 


Whilst all religious jewellery will be respected, we ask for rings, watches and necklaces to be left at home. Studs are now permissible for PE but long hoop earrings can catch on climbing apparatus and cause a nasty injury.

Uniform Letter to Year 4 and 5 July 2022

Year 5 and 6 Uniform Guidance


Children at Balliol wear a slightly different uniform when the move into Years 5 and 6. The below items can be ordered directly from My Clothing using the link above for delivery directly to your home.


White school blouses/shirts and black or grey school trousers can be purchased from a store of your choice. Girls should wear navy blue skirts only, preferably pleated. The Balliol school jumper is optional for Years 5 and 6, but if worn, must be navy blue in colour. These can be bought in local stores. 


The school tie can be purchased from the school office for £4.50.


Shoes should be black. 


Years 5 and 6 PE Kit Guidance

In Year 5 and 6 the pupils will have a choice to wear the same uniform as in the previous years or they are able to use the Balliol PE Kit below. 

The below items can be ordered directly from Prestige Design for delivery directly to your home. A  tracksuit should also be work in colder weather and this shoul be dark in colour or Navy Blue.