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PE and Sport Premium


How are we using our grant?

Please click on link below to view our Action Plan for 2019/2020


What is it?


The Sports Premium is an additional grant funded by the DfE in order to raise the quality of sports provision across all schools. Each school determines the areas of Sport which they intend to target and this will be linked to the School Development Plan (SDP). The amount received for this academic year of 2018/19 is estimated at £18,879

How are we using our grant?

Please click on link below to view our Action Plan for 2018/2019

The children at Balliol Primary School have access to the following sports during the academic year:


Gymnastics, swimming, water safety skills, dance, football, tag rugby, basketball, uni-hoc, scoreball, rounders, athletics, golf, OAA, goalball, tennis, athletics, cheerleading, skipping, quick sticks hockey, team building skills, netball, dodgeball and multi-skill sessions.




All pupils in KS1 have had the opportunity to take part in a variety of sports festivals over the year as well as develop their skills in their own outside areas. Year 1 also helped out with Year 5 when they were training as Sports Leaders this term.



  • Autumn: Football, Table Tennis, MK Dons Football, Try Time Rugby, G&T Dance, Dodgeball, Gymnastics, Netball
  • Spring: Football, Dance, Netball
  • Summer: Tennis, Bikeability, Rounders, Athletics



  • 100% of children from Years 1 to 5 will compete in intra-school competition
  • 100% of children from Years 3 to 5 will be offered the opportunity to take part in After-School and/or Lunchtime Sports clubs. Years 1-2 clubs to be looked into and costed up.
  • 100% of children will be offered the opportunity to compete in Level One competitions against other schools
  • 100% of children from Reception to Year 5 will have the opportunity to participate in swimming sessions in the Autumn and Summer term.

The effect of funding on pupils' sport participation and attainment:


The effect of funding has been that the awareness of sports and healthy lifestyle in school has risen. Pupils have been exposed to lots of variety within PE. This has also raised their interest and attainment within the subject. An example of this is that during the Autumn Term, a group of Year 5 pupils took part in a Yr5/6 Dodgeball club and competition against other schools and came 4th.

How the school will ensure these improvements are sustainable:


Future PE subject leaders will follow up this years hard work and improvement by organising more staff curriculum development, clubs for all year groups, increased participation in intra and inter school competition as well as developing as sports leadership program from yrs 3-6 to allow KS2 to assist KS1 during sports day etc.

Sport’s Premium Income:



Expenditure (To date):


Area of expenditure


School Sports Partnership Package


Specialist Dance Teacher



MK DONS Curriculum Year 5


TryTime Rugby Year 3/4 Lunchtime Club


Swimming Training for new teachers/refresher training.


Goal Posts for curriculum, after school clubs and Inter-School Competitions.



Netball posts for curriculum and after school club/competitions



New mats for Hall for gymnastics


(6@ £43 each)

Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.