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Monday 29th November 2021


Beech class have been learning about grouping and the difference between grouping and sharing. We know that grouping is finding out how many groups are altogether, and sharing is finding how many are in each group. This will help us with our multiplication and to apply it to solve problems. 


Our new unit in Computing is called ‘We Are Bug Fixers.’ We are enjoyed de-bugging on Scratch, finding and creating our own scripts. 


Computer Link 1 

Debugging - performance on Scratch (


Computer Link 2 

Debugging - performance on Scratch ( 


Computer Link 3 

Debugging - dialogue on Scratch ( 

Friday 12th November

🥳🎉 We have achieved 100% attendance this week in Beech class and are looking forward to our treat from Mrs Youngman next week! Well done to all the class for being in every day, keep it up! 🎉🥳

Anti-Bullying Week 2021


We designed our own superheroes with powers that prevents bullying and discussed all the traits needed to be a good friend. 


Maths Morning 2021


Beech class enjoyed being detectives to solve different cases, through using their maths knowledge to find out the answer to each clue. 


We also enjoyed playing mathopoly, using our addition and subtraction skills to gain points in the game.