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Welcome - Aims and Ethos

Mission Statement and School Ethos:

At Balliol we believe in an aspirational curriculum, which offers all children memorable experiences. We aim to nurture curiosity through an inspiring, broad and engaging curriculum where learning is at the heart of all we do. We celebrate perseverance, resilience and risk taking, ensuring children welcome challenge and are not afraid to make mistakes. We promote an ethos of respect and empathy, where diversity is valued and celebrated and everyone is encouraged to thrive and achieve as individuals. 

Our Aims:

  • Maintain high aspirations for every child, based on a clear understanding of their current learning and developmental needs
  • Achieve the highest possible standards for every child
  • Encourage of a love of learning through vibrant teaching
  • Provide a curriculum which develops key skills for learning and life
  • Create an environment in which children are valued and helped to be the best that they can be

To carry out our aims we set ourselves the following targets:-

  • To develop a curriculum that excites and motivates learners. 
  • To promote high levels of self-esteem in children and adults. 
  • To promote a safe and healthy lifestyle.
  • To promote community engagement and involvement
  • To continue to strive for improvement by critical self evaluation
  • To develop a team environment
  • To be a sustainable school

  N.B. Our School Development Plan outlines our key priorities for the coming year and is available on request.


At Balliol we believe in an aspirational curriculum which offers all children memorable experiences within an exciting, challenging and creative environment alongside effective teaching of key skills for life and learning. We see parents as partners in the education of their children and greatly value their involvement in school life. Working in partnership with our community, we believe that we can lay foundations for success that will equip your child to become a confident and aspirational learner as well as a responsible and compassionate citizen.

The 'ASPIRE' triangle has been an ongoing visual symbol for our whole school priorities and remains a pertinent reminder of how we view our school and the way we seek to develop our provision. 

School culture:

We are a community Primary School that is maintained by Bedford Borough and based on a very large and well-resourced site.We have a newly created library and our current ICT provision includes interactive whiteboards in all classrooms and a wide range of computers and technology which is accessible to all of our childrenWhen you visit the Balliol Primary School site, we hope that you will agree that we are fortunate to work in such a great learning environment. As well as the outside swimming pool and fields, we have well-equipped play areas for both our youngest children and Year 1 pupils as well as a large playground for our older children. Our school hall is one of the largest on a lower school site and the stage gives an extra 'wow' factor for all school performances.

We try hard to be a very friendly, welcoming and caring school. We believe that people achieve more when they feel happy, secure and valued. Our philosophy is to educate the whole person; we want the children to enjoy their learning and we have high expectations for their academic, creative and social progress. Team spirit is very much part of the ethos here and their are high expectations of all staff to work cooperatively, to make a positive contribution to the life of the school and to give their best. 

There is a a focused commitment on 'Teaching and Learning', which includes staff, families and the community and we are proud of what we do. There is an emphasis on mutual support through which we develop our shared professionalism.We are reflective and adaptive in our practice. This is a safe place to make mistakes - making mistakes is a good way to learn! We are happy to try out new ideas because we want to ensure that every child succeeds.

Class organisation:

Balliol is a two form entry school with approximately 320 children on roll. Our Early Years provision allows us to admit children on a part-time basis from the age of two. We have a pre-school and nursery building on site which allows us to provide a very flexible provision. Our Reception age children are also based in our Early Years Centre. All of our Foundation Stage children (Poppy, Bluebell and Buttercup class) have access to the extensive outdoor area which we make full use of – whatever the weather! 

In Year 1, Clover and Lavender classes include an extensive outside area that is shared with early years. 

Year 2 classes – Lilac and Holly. They work very closely together to plan a curriculum which both extends and excites the children.

At the end of Year 2, children graduate to Key stage 2 where Willow, Beech, Elm and Oak classes can be found. In Key Stage 2 children are given greater responsibility and become Playground Friends, Trustees and House Team Captains.

Year 5 is now made up of Falcon and Kingfisher class. They have a slightly different uniform to the rest of the school and they have the addition of lockers in their classrooms. 

Each year group has two classes of between twenty and twenty nine children. We have prioritised class size to ensure that all of our classes are below thirty. Nonetheless we are also able to offer high levels of support within the class thanks to our team of highly skilled teaching assistants.

Each of the classes carries out work on various topics throughout the year. This can be found in the 'parents' and 'children' section on our school website – please take a look to find out more about the life of our school.