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In partnership with the Headteacher and the Local Authority, the Governing Body is responsible for the management of the school in ensuring that the school is adequately staffed, the National Curriculum is implemented, the School Development Plan is appropriate, the school budget is set and monitored, policies are reviewed, the school prospectus is produced and much more. 

The Governing Body is made up of a wide range of people drawn from both the school and wider community so that a variety of local interests are represented. The one thing all governors share is that their sole purpose to ensure that all the children in our school receive the best possible education. We meet regularly and visit school activities throughout the year so that we are well informed to make good management decisions, are accountable for our actions and are constructive, supportive, critical friends to the school.

Sarah Odell
Composition of the Governing Body:


Existing Structure

LA Governor

James Valentine

Interim Headteacher

Kirsty Bicknell

Staff Governors

Mary Routledge

Parent Governors

Jonny Whitmore

Sarah Odell

Telie Bartens

Teddy Kye-Nyarko

Co-opted Governors

Suzette Maguire

John Angelopaulos

Susannah Bradley

Sue Stanton


Clerk to Governors

Alison Jackson

Useful Documents and Websites:

For other useful information, please go to the National Governors' Association website by clicking on the picture link below: