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Our Jubilee Project

2013: Balliol was 60 years old this year! 

To celebrate, we undertook a whole school project to find out about Balliol's past and present.

How the logo has changed over the years:

Old staff photos:

Old school photos:

If you went to Balliol when you were younger, please feel free to fill out our short questionnaire:

Happy 60th Birthday Balliol


October 2013
We went to visit Balliol College

Article on the Balliol College Website:
In the year when Balliol College is celebrating its 750th anniversary, it was a pleasure to receive a visit from Balliol Lower School, who this year are celebrating their own special milestone: their 60th anniversary. To mark this, pupils from years 3, 4 and 5 came earlier this month to see the College. They enjoyed a tour, lunch in Hall and wearing gowns to help them imagine being undergraduates. Kylie Story, head teacher at Balliol Lower School, said: 'We hope that our young pupils will use this experience to enhance their learning and give them, and their peers, high aspirations for the future.'
(Taken from: http://www.balliol.ox.ac.uk/schools-and-outreach/outreach%20news)

November 2013

60th Birthday Fireworks

March 2014
We performed our Balliol Jubilee show

Newspaper article from the Times and Citizen:
Pupils have been entertaining family and friends with a bubbly performance to celebrate a Kempston school’s 60th anniversary.

Youngsters at Balliol Lower School have been performing Danielle and Ivan’s Excellent Adventure - a production full of acting, singing and dancing. The concert is a celebration of some of the key moments of the last six decades, seen through the eyes of two pupils who discover a time-travelling tardis. Danielle and Ivan set out to gather up a famous name from each decade to take back to school for a history presentation. Along the way they capture Elvis Presley, Neil Armstrong, Suggs, Margaret Thatcher and Princess Diana. Written by teacher Vicky Harrison and involving 150 pupils, preparations for the concert have kept everyone busy for the last few weeks. A real life, smoke-billowing tardis provides the backdrop for dance, song and music which keeps the audience on their toes until Danielle and Ivan make it safely back to the classroom and 2014. Opportunities percussionist Dave Probert put together the show which has been attended by more than 800 people from the Balliol community.

(Taken from: http://www.bedfordtoday.co.uk/news/education/elvis-is-in-the-balliol-show-1-5964467)

Summer 2014

We took part in the river festival: