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Nursery and Pre-School

Our topic this half term is: What animals do you see on a farm?

- To earn your fantastic news you need to paint a picture of your favourite farm animal.
- To earn a head teachers award, you need to make a farm animal mask.

What we are doing in Poppy Class

Weeks 1 (WC 16.4.18)


This term the children will be looking at farm animals, growing and staying healthy. The children will be introduced to the topic and some of the stories that they will be looking at which will include Old McDonald had a Farm, Farmyard Hullabaloo and Farmyard tales. This week we will be looking at different farm animals and identify which animals the children know and which ones we need to explore further. The children will continue to build on their literacy and numeracy skills through specific focus tasks.

Many Thanks

The Nursery Team

What we are doing in Poppy Class

Week 2 (WC 23.4.18)


The children will be exploring activities to develop their gross motor skills and balancing skills. The children will be using different equipment outside in the playground and exploring movement when in large spaces. The children will be exploring rhyming activities and patterns before exploring musical instruments and ways to make different sounds.


Many Thanks

The Nursery Team

Question Time:

Farm Animals

Things to watch and do:
Farm animal crafts

Farm animal activities

A year on your farm

Down on the farm jigsaw

Sound detectives - farm