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Nursery and Pre-School

Our topic this half term is: Why do leaves go crispy?

- To earn your fantastic news you need to bring in some Autumn artefacts.
- To earn a head teachers award, you need to make an Autumn fact sheet.

What we are doing in Poppy Class

Weeks 3 (WC 13.11.17)


This week the children will continue with the autumn topic theme and we will be looking at hedgehogs and habitats. Our story for the week will be The Very Helpful Hedgehog and we will be making our own hedgehogs in nursery using different materials.

The children are continuing to build on their spoken vocabulary and number work. Whilst the children are out and a bout or at home they could begin to recognise numbers and counting different groups of objects.

Many Thanks

The Nursery Team

What we are doing in Poppy Class

Week 4 (WC 20.11.17)


This week in Poppy Class the children will be looking at non-fiction books relating to autumn and leaves. The children will be developing their knowledge of what a non-fiction book is and how to use them. The children will have numerous opportunities to talk about the things they observe at nursery and then talking to you about them at home.


Many Thanks

The Nursery Team



Things to watch and do:

Time for Autumn

Autumn crafts

Sarah and duck

Autumn leaf dominoes