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Values and Rewards

Here at Balliol, we have a strong emphasis on Values Education. Each month the children are taug
ht about a new value such as Understanding, Responsibility etc. This is designed to promote a caring and safe environment for all children to learn, have fun and achieve. In order to help reinforce these values, we use 'Rainbow Rewards' across the school. 

In Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Year 2, the children can earn rewards such as a sticker on their rainbow, a head teachers award, fantastic news or house points. These are awarded in a special Friday celebration assembly each week. One child from each class is also awarded star of the week.

Year 3 and 4 use Class Dojos that are linked to the Key Stage two values (Empathy, Enthusiasm, Self-Control, Curiosity, Appreciation, Perseverance, Optimism). Each class leader is celebrated in the Key Stage 2 Friday assembly and certificates are given out for milestones (Bronze = 50 Dojos, Silver = 100, others TBC).

Year 5 (and 6) use ePraise as their reward system which is also linked to the Key Stage two values. Overall leader and class leaders are celebrated in a Friday assembly. ePraise points build up and can be use in the 'shop' to buy rewards. The top prize is a trip to MK theatre or a London museum! They can also achieve accolades for things like attending clubs etc.

Foundation and Key Stage One Values:

Key Stage Two Values:

How many colours have you collected?

Each colour on the rainbow represents a different positive behaviour. The children collect segments of their rainbow throughout the year. Once they have collected all 7 colours, they are given a 'Rainbow Reward' in a celebration assembly.