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House teams

When starting at Balliol Primary School, children are placed into a house team. The teams are named Sherwood, Arden, Thetford and Bracknell. Each team corresponds to a colour to make them more accessible to our youngest pupils. Each pupil is also given a coloured smile badge in their team colour to wear on their uniform. 

Children can earn house points which are added up weekly. The team with the highest score wins the house trophy 
in our weekly celebration assembly. The Year 4 team captain gets to put their teams coloured ribbons onto the trophy and this is then displayed in the corridor for the week. 

We also hold a sports day in which KS1 and KS2 children represent their house teams.

We are proud of our houses as this enables children to quickly become part of the school community, and develop a sense of teamwork and feel a sense of belonging.
Which house team are you in?
How many house points have you received this week?